Time to share your problems?

Complaints about timeshares or holiday clubs are on the increase. For many people, the prospect of part ownership of a holiday property is a dream come true, especially if it is in their favourite holiday area. This section provides useful articles on how to deal with any problems you may have in terms of the purchase or operation of a timeshare or holiday club.

What are my rights with Timeshare and Holiday Clubs?

We are receiving a growing number of calls from individual or groups of holidaymakers who have been affected by the aftermath of purchasing a timeshare or holiday club.  Timeshare is not just related to buildings but can also include boats, yachts and any other leisure items!  For many Consumers, they are faced with an uphill battle to understand the sales process and their rights and many are... READ MORE 4 December 2012

What is a Timeshare or Holiday Club?

What many people do not realise is that timeshare has its roots in Europe following the aftermath of the Second World War!  Individuals and families got together and bought a quarter share in a holiday property as a way of establishing an ‘investment’ following the gloom of the war years.  They would then rotate the period they bought so that everyone would get an equal ‘timeshare’ of the prope... READ MORE 2 December 2012