Holiday Health

Prepare to be ill!

No one likes to imagine that they are going to be ill or involved in an accident while on holiday. But it happens, and it could quite easily be you who needs medical assistance this time. Before you travel, read our articles and check out the risks at your resort on our Alerts Map and the need for any vaccinations. By being prepared, you’ll know how to cope should the worst occur.

Visiting a doctor while abroad on Holiday

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We always hope that you have a good holiday and that you return in better health than perhaps you were in before you went!  With the growth of holiday hotels and resorts, the potential for accidents or illness is greater than at any time.  This is surprising in many ways because of the extensive publicity attached to a holiday brand when things go wrong; it is not beyond normal expectations tha... READ MORE 30 November 2012

The Need for Better Holiday Illness Statistics! Get a Stool Sample Test! | Holiday Illness Complaints

If this summer holiday season has taught nothing else, it is that there are many holidaymakers returning with complaints of illness and are simply not getting themselves checked out by their GP or local Environmental Health Officer.  Why is this important? Quite simple really - QED - Quick and Early Diagnosis!  Consider this: at a recent conference I attended, one speaker advised that of all ho... READ MORE 13 June 2010

Are You Ready for Disease?

Our Guest Article in this quarter's Travel-Zine was written by a 15 year old holidaymaker. He discusses and raises important points on vaccination. He highlights the problems of disease throughout the world and how they can affect the holidaymaker. He asks, Are You Ready for Disease? The article serves as a timely reminder to all holidaymakers to check vaccination requirements before they trave... READ MORE 23 May 2010

Health preparations for your holiday

Before you go on holiday make sure that you read the brochure and check the facts relating to health requirements and vaccinations!  Remember, travel agents and tour operators are not professionally qualified to give advice!  Always seek travel health advice from your GP who will normally check with the World Health Organisation advices.  Advice can be obtained from M.A.S.T.A. (Medical Advisory... READ MORE 17 May 2009

Holiday health and Hygiene Standards Abroad

HolidayTravelWatch often hears the expression that standards abroad ‘are different’ to the UK.  In some cases, that may be true!  We reject the notion that many holiday destinations are 'third world', they are often 'developing destinations' and bear no resemblence to the abject poverty and conditions found in some countries around the world!  Holidaymakers must remember that many people who li... READ MORE 17 May 2009

Free or Low Cost Medical Treatment in Europe using the The European Health Insurance Card

An alternative, but it is stressed NOT a replacement for fully comprehensive travel insurance, is found in the new European Health Insurance Card.  HolidayTravelWatch always recommends that fully comprehensive travel insurance is purchased.  The Card is designed to take advantage of the reciprocal medical arrangements between countries within the EEA area. Below is a brief guide to the card whi... READ MORE 17 May 2009

Holiday Health Matters, how to prepare.

Before you set out to travel anywhere in the world, check the health requirements for your destination. Look at the potential risks and plan the precautions you need to take, before you go and once you are away. Such precautions will depend not just on the countries you may be visiting, but also which part of a country you may be visiting; for how long you will be visiting; what time of year yo... READ MORE 17 May 2009

Holiday Sickness & Illness - Holiday Food Poisoning

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Holiday sickness/illness, or food poisoning, are some of the most common complaints HolidayTravelWatch receives. It is estimated that some 60 million visits abroad are made by Britons each year. The range of destinations is as wide as it is varied. Since 1996 HolidayTravelWatch has dealt with over 140,000 people and their travel complaints. Many of their problems are health related and the tra... READ MORE 4 May 2008