Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Holiday Complaints?

With the wide range of guidance and advice that is available, it is no wonder Consumers become confused when trying to find easy expert advice on how to deal with their holiday complaints!

Our world has become so accessible, with the ability for Consumers to buy any holiday, any travel itinerary to any place in the world – we have truly become the ‘click and go’ generation!

When holidaymakers buy holiday products, they often do not realise that they are buying in a complex market with many links, with the end goal of getting you from A to B.  What many holidaymakers do not realise is that when holiday products are grouped together, they will often involve a number of separate ‘back-office’ contracts between suppliers.  Some holidaymakers are beginning to get a taste of that when they genuinely make travel arrangements separately.  For example, when some holidaymakers buy a hotel product off a travel supplier’s website, they will often not realise that there can be up to 6 separate contracts between different parties and they only discover this minefield, when something goes wrong.

Holidaymakers are often met with an array of problems from illness to accident, to failure of a transfer to the failure to deliver the hotel or airline you thought you had booked.

When problems arise, many Consumers find themselves having to deal with a difficult and sometimes personal situation, without any real assistance or information from a Tour Operator.

We have written a number of guides on how to deal with holiday problems and how to resolve these problems yourself – visit our advice section for more information or alternatively, contact us for free advice and assistance!

Visiting a doctor abroad

We always hope that you have a good holiday and that you return in better health than perhaps you were in before you went! 

Be prepared!

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