Holiday Complaints

Complaining! Before the event?

Before you travel it seems odd to be talking about complaining. This holiday will be wonderful, you’re thinking! We hope so, but better to be prepared should it turn out less than perfect. The articles below will give you an insight into the issues that surround holiday complaints and help you deal with any problems that might arise. 

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Holiday Complaints?

With the wide range of guidance and advice that is available, it is no wonder Consumers become confused when trying to find easy expert advice on how to deal with their holiday complaints! Our world has become so accessible, with the ability for Consumers to buy any holiday, any travel itinerary to any place in the world – we have truly become the ‘click and go’ generation! When holidaymakers... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with unhelpful Tour Operators?

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They say to err is human; to forgive, divine!  At various times in our lives, we all make mistakes or errors and most accept that they have done so and seek to repair any damage or loss of confidence created; that is natural human behaviour.  Companies behave in the same way because they are staffed by humans and therefore errors will arise!  Sometimes those errors or failures can be fixed quit... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with a hoteliers or tour operators response in Trip Advisor to my illness complaint?

We often talk to holidaymakers who having suffered poor conditions or illness at a hotel or on-board a cruise ship, place their comments on a Trip Advisor post.  Quite correctly, Trip Advisor allows those subject to a negative or positive review to also place their comments in response to a holidaymakers viewpoint,  The problem however arises when despite clear information that there may be som... READ MORE 13 August 2012

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with cruise, hotel, medical or tour operator 'help' for my holiday illness?

There are occasions when a situation may get out of hand at a holiday hotel or on-board a cruise ship, whereby many people are affected by illness.  In those circumstances, the situation often arises where holidaymakers are quite angry that they have been exposed to a bug and will often demand that the hotelier and the tour operator does something to end their exposure to sickness!  The respons... READ MORE 9 August 2012

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Hurricanes or Extreme Weather on holiday?

The news that Hurricane Ernesto hitting the Yucatan Peninsula and how holidaymakers are being moved to emergency shelters presents the first of the dangers for the 2012 hurricane season.  For several years we have warned about the problems faced by holidaymakers when choosing to travel to such 'risk destinations' during the UK holiday season.  Whilst Britons look forward to that 'summer' break,... READ MORE 8 August 2012

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Holiday Illness Complaints when I come home?

As we can see from our helpline calls, Salmonella, Giardia, E-Coli, Norovirus, Serious Gastric and Ear Infections feature highly within the complaints we have received.  For many holidaymakers however, their complaints tend to be focussed upon the quality aspects of their claims, so for example, you can see that many of those complaints include, cockroaches, flies on food, sewage smells, cloudy... READ MORE 6 August 2012

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with a complete change of my holiday when I get there?

We have seen this year that many holidaymakers are booking their holidays in the belief that they are actually going to get what they ordered, only to find that substantial changes are made before departure, which lead to many complaints to our helpline!  However, what do you do if you actually go on the holiday and when you get there what you ordered is not delivered?  This is a trend which we... READ MORE 3 August 2012

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with an illness at my Holiday Hotel or on a Cruise Ship?

I have been closely monitoring the range of complaints we have received these past few weeks from UK holidaymakers.  The complaints stem from as far away as the Caribbean to the Eastern Mediterranean; some of them on cruise ships!  The nature of the complaints we receive would at first glance only appear to be of a contractual nature, but they often hide the fact that the holidaymaker has suffe... READ MORE 30 July 2012

Your Consumer Rights & How to Resolve Your Holiday or Travel Complaints!

As our article in 2009 proved, many British holidaymakers experienced a 'holiday from hell', or a less than satisfactory holiday experience!  Many holidaymakers suffered a holiday with serious or catastrophic consequences!  Our latest articles for the 2010 holiday season (20 holidaymakers comments and a list of 40 current complaints), demonstrate that this year is unlikely to be any different f... READ MORE 3 May 2012

And they say that Holiday Illness Claims are examples of a 'Compensation Culture' gone mad?

Yesterday we published our list of '40 Ridiculous & Appalling Holiday Complaints' for the 2011 holiday season to date!  There has been much criticism made of the 'holiday complaints' industry and how this is but part of the 'illness' that is running through our claims culture society.  I have never made it a secret; if a holidaymaker suffers with a poor holiday contract or they become ill t... READ MORE 10 August 2011