Preparing for your holiday

Prepare for every eventuality

Preparation is key to a safe and happy holiday. Those of you who simply rely on a description within a brochure or provided by the travel company online are asking for trouble. Things can and do go wrong and some tour companies seek to limit their liability to you by extensive terms and conditions and by poor descriptions of the places you intend to visit. You need to do your homework and be aware of the problems peculiar to your destination. That’s where our advice pages can help. 

Ethical Travel

The Death of Corporate Responsibility!

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2008 will go down as the year when Corporate Responsibility died. The thin dividing line between excessive or aggressive behaviour and the quest to increase profits and influence, is usually stemmed by a corporate conscience. 2008 was the year when a corner was turned and whatever pretence existed that corporations worked within Regulatory frameworks, simply disappeared. Whole plane loads of holidaymakers found themselves in dire straights, some were advised upon arrival, that their chosen hotel was no longer available - where was their undeniable consumer rights before departure? READ MORE 15 January 2009

Holiday Complaints

The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring In The Heavies IV

Apologies to regular readers of this column; I decided to take a short break, but, we have also been inundated with calls for assistance from angry and sick holidaymakers!  I have been struck by the wide range of holiday complaints; poor hygiene and standards in hotels, unsafe balconies, exposed wiring, sickness demonstrating a very wide range of disease and threats to those who complain!  I wa... READ MORE 16 November 2008

Holiday Complaints

The Cure for Holiday Illness and Complaints? Bring in the Heavies II

Tonight a young couple are sitting in their hotel room, frightened to go out, scared for their own personal safety.  Why?  They saved hard for a holiday to what they thought was an exotic and luxurious location, only to be faced with many contractual failings in the hotel they were staying in.  Like most holidaymakers, they decided not just to complain, but to try and put right what has gone wr... READ MORE 3 September 2008

Trip Planning

Price War = More Poor Standards?

Then what do I see within the British press? Great excitement at the prospect that you can book a holiday for £2 a night! For those tempted by the real feast of what is on offer, hold back and ask yourself, what kind of deal am I really getting for that? For some reason the saying 'All that glitters is not gold' springs to mind. READ MORE 7 August 2008

Trip Planning

The 12 Golden Rules of Travel

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A Government Survey has found that each man, woman and child spends nearly £13 per week on Package Holidays abroad. Such a purchase, for that precious 2 weeks, is often a major investment for most families. When HolidayTravelWatch was first formed it was quickly realised that holidaymakers needed a checklist to guide them when they encountered holiday problems. Such problems can range from holiday food poisoning claims, holiday accidents, sudden changes to holiday arrangements, flight delays and cancellations, sick aircraft syndrome. READ MORE 7 June 2008

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance & The 'Risk Destination'

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We refer to the recent events and disturbances in Kenya, during which holidaymakers discovered that they were either not covered by their Travel Insurance or it was withdrawn before they travelled. We study, through the case examples of British Holidaymakers, how tour operators dealt with this issue, and raise an action plan on how to try and overcome the contractual difficulties posed by the lack of travel insurance to a risk destination. READ MORE 19 May 2008

Trip Planning

Suffer the Little Children?

Holidaymakers visiting the island of Gran Canaria, will be able to tell of yet another child in a holiday destination, who disappeared whilst playing outside his home. The story of Yeremi Vargas tells the same poignant tale that was heard in the case of Madeleine McCann; regret, lost opportunities and a rush to judgement! READ MORE 13 May 2008

Holiday Health

Holiday Sickness & Illness - Holiday Food Poisoning

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Holiday sickness/illness, or food poisoning, are some of the most common complaints HolidayTravelWatch receives. It is estimated that some 60 million visits abroad are made by Britons each year. The range of destinations is as wide as it is varied. Since 1996 HolidayTravelWatch has dealt with over 140,000 people and their travel complaints. Many of their problems are health related and the tra... READ MORE 4 May 2008