Preparing for your holiday

Prepare for every eventuality

Preparation is key to a safe and happy holiday. Those of you who simply rely on a description within a brochure or provided by the travel company online are asking for trouble. Things can and do go wrong and some tour companies seek to limit their liability to you by extensive terms and conditions and by poor descriptions of the places you intend to visit. You need to do your homework and be aware of the problems peculiar to your destination. That’s where our advice pages can help. 

Holiday Complaints

Holidaymakers! Get off your knees and claim your holiday rights!

These past two to three months have been unprecedented for HolidayTravelWatch with the volume of calls we have received!  Political strife, risky destinations, snow chaos, the annual tales of holiday illness and the now regular roundabout of those holidaymakers still trapped by the failure of holiday companies and no cash returned! We are speaking with more and more holidaymakers who despite th... READ MORE 19 May 2011

Holiday Complaints

Holiday Complaints: The real cost of holiday illness claims!

I note the Daily Mail's recent article on holiday illness complaints, where it was revealed that 32% of Britons had stated that they had become ill whilst on holiday!  What is interesting about this figure, is that in 2006, we attempted to provide a cost on returning holiday illnesses and whilst we could have easily concluded that 50% of holidaymakers at that time were reporting illness, we ado... READ MORE 22 April 2011

Holiday Complaints

Compensation Culture and Holiday Illness Claims - The Con Against Holidaymakers!

It is clear that the current government is galloping headlong into changing the so-called 'compensation culture', in an effort to stem what it sees as the rise of civil claims.  This no doubt gives comfort to the acolytes of such change who cry out in moral outrage, that a return to the golden age of the legal profession is what is required!  However, a closer examination of these articles actu... READ MORE 12 April 2011

Trip Planning

A Question of Trust or a Threat to Travel Review Websites?

The monolith that is Trip Advisor is apparently subject to the threat of legal action! This threat has apparently come from an internet marketing and reputational protection company called Kwikchex. They are claiming that amongst many holiday review websites, Trip advisor allows the posting of ‘unverified’ travel reviews. They also claim that that ‘entirely false’ comments are made on ‘food poisoning; accusations of criminal acts; including theft, assault and racism; Misleading and malicious descriptions of the property’ are amongst those found on Trip Advisor. They also provide other related complaints against Trip Advisor. It appears that they are forming a group action of affected hotel properties READ MORE 7 September 2010

Holiday Health

The Need for Better Holiday Illness Statistics! Get a Stool Sample Test! | Holiday Illness Complaints

If this summer holiday season has taught nothing else, it is that there are many holidaymakers returning with complaints of illness and are simply not getting themselves checked out by their GP or local Environmental Health Officer.  Why is this important? Quite simple really - QED - Quick and Early Diagnosis!  Consider this: at a recent conference I attended, one speaker advised that of all ho... READ MORE 13 June 2010

Ethical Travel

How Ethical is your Travel?

This article from our May 2007 edition of the Get'Away Travel-Zine begins by asking, "How Ethical is Your Travel?". It explores the basic questions holidaymakers should ask before they book a holiday and suggests a standard Holidaymakers Travel Responsibility (HTR) position. It is still the case that it is indeed relevant that when holidaymakers are first looking to book a holiday that they should examine the social and political situation of their intended destination READ MORE 7 June 2010

Trip Planning

The 12 Golden Rules of Travel

When HolidayTravelWatch was first formed, it was quickly realised that holidaymakers needed a checklist to guide them when they encountered problems. Over the years HolidayTravelWatch has gained invaluable experience which it has endeavoured to share with as many holidaymakers as possible. READ MORE 31 May 2010

Holiday Health

Are You Ready for Disease?

Our Guest Article in this quarter's Travel-Zine was written by a 15 year old holidaymaker. He discusses and raises important points on vaccination. He highlights the problems of disease throughout the world and how they can affect the holidaymaker. He asks, Are You Ready for Disease? The article serves as a timely reminder to all holidaymakers to check vaccination requirements before they trave... READ MORE 23 May 2010

Trip Planning

Are Holiday Kids Clubs Safe?

article image

This article from our Travel-Zine, follows from a disturbing call received from an ex-resort representative. His story highlights the potential dangers that exist, if tour companies do not ensure that children's representatives are properly qualified, or do not have the requisite Criminal Record Bureau checks. READ MORE 23 May 2010