Personal Safety

Beware of the dangers!

We don’t want to sound alarmist – personal assaults, whether racially or sexually motivated, are still rare – but we are hearing from an increasing number of holidaymakers who have been affected by attacks abroad. The articles here will give you a flavour of the issues and let you create a strategy to help you and your family enjoy a safe holiday. This also extends to the unseen danger of carbon monoxide and, of course, ultraviolet radiation from the sun. We suggest that you bookmark this page so you can use this information when you are on holiday; if you are a victim of crime on holiday want help then contact us.

Safety & Security Essentials

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In this unsteady world, it is surprising that so many people want to travel and expose themselves to the potential threat to their personal safety.  These threats have arisen because of the desires of certain ‘terrorist’ groups to exact a response to perceived injustices, or because of the way some governments deal with their populations to the detriment of their human rights or simply because... READ MORE 30 November 2012

Are Holiday Kids Clubs Safe? The Concern Remains!

Are Kids Clubs Safe? We return to this topic and consider the shocking experience of one holidaymaker, and the tardy response he has received to his complaint! There is now an EU-wide telephone number – 116 000 – for missing children.  That number is also linked to Missing Children Europe.  ECPAT UK provides valuable work with the police and travel industry on child protection and exploitation... READ MORE 8 June 2010

A Guest Article which asks if you have 'Time For Carbon Monoxide?'

In February Molly dropped her daughter Sheree, aged 21 off at Heathrow to join her son Gary, aged 26 for the last week of his holiday in Tenerife. The next day she received a telephone call and nothing was ever the same again for the Maher family.  The call told Molly that Gary was dead and Sheree was critically ill and in a coma from an apparent suicide attempt with pills and gas. Peter, Molly... READ MORE 15 January 2009

Are Holiday Kids Clubs Safe? A Question of Standards for Parents

HolidayTravelWatch has reported previously on issues raised by parents on the management and operation of Kids Clubs. Occasionally we receive reports from parents of poor equipment or facilities, sometimes leading to minor injuries. In the same way that parents should be concerned about how a Kids Club is operated, they should assess the risk, by reference to the tour operators terms and condit... READ MORE 19 May 2008

Taking Care in the Sun

The sun gives out a range of energy. This is called the electromagnetic spectrum, and it is made up of different forms of energy including infra-red radiation, visible light and ultraviolet radiation (UVR). UVR is the part of the sun's spectrum that can cause skin damage including sunburn and in the longer term can lead to skin cancer. The speed with which sun damage occurs depends on two thi... READ MORE 10 January 2008

Keeping safe on the beach

Remember to always check if there is a lifeguard and a flag warning system in place. If so, make sure that you know what the flags mean, especially those that may tell you when and where it is dangerous to swim.  An example of the meaning of beach flags is found on the RNLI website - remember, these flags apply to the coastal waters around Britain and may not be replicated elsewhere - the simpl... READ MORE 10 January 2008

Safety advice regarding hazardous sports and diving

If you intend to take part in any hazardous sporting activity, follow these simple rules: If you are going to take part in potentially hazardous sports such as skiing, canoeing or mountaineering, follow all the relevant safety guidelines. Always let someone know where you are going, who you are going with and what time you intend to return; Make sure that there are adequate emergency medica... READ MORE 9 January 2008

No Go Areas on holiday

In many countries, there are areas which are unsafe for travellers to visit, because of the risk of violence. Take advice from your tour operator's representative if you are planning on exploring your holiday destination independently. For guidance and information on 'NO GO' areas, please use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Advice to Travellers telephone line: Tel. 020 7008 1500. Subscribe... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Personal Safety Checklist

Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Crime, Scams, Accidents are unfortunately, sometimes part of the holiday experience!  Use our checklist to guide you on Safety and Security considerations before you go on holiday: Pick pocketing and handbag snatching are common in many cities, towns and resorts abroad. Passports, credit cards, travel tickets and money should not be carried together in handbags... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Safety advice for physically or mentally challenged travellers

Travel presents challenges even to the most able bodied traveller. Each of the subheadings within this site will equally apply to those falling under this heading. However, if you intend to travel you will probably require more advance planning and information. If you book your travel through a main travel organiser, be sure to obtain clear advices and information on how you will be managed on... READ MORE 9 January 2008