Beware of Resort Reps Guidance on Holiday Illness & Medicines!

Do resort reps think that they are fireproof?  Do travel companies know what their resort reps are saying or are they complicit?  Yes, I am back again to report on an old friend - Resort Representatives openly advising holidaymakers at welcome meetings, that the new holidaymakers WILL suffer holiday illness and that the way to deal with it is to buy 'brand X' drug from the local pharmacy!  I don't know about you, but if I had been told at a welcome meeting that I would very probably become ill during my holiday, I would be at the front of the queue asking to get out of there!  I have dealt with this issue before, in the first blog we dealt the issue of holidaymakers freely accepting 'medical advice' and taking drugs that are banned in Western Countries; the second blog dealt with the 'surprise' advices at a welcome meeting where holidaymakers are told that they will become ill!

We have just dealt with a holidaymaker, who has just returned from Egypt, having suffered with a holiday illness which has now been diagnosed as Salmonella!  This holidaymaker attended the tour company's welcome meeting, at which, the tour company's representative told the assembled that they would become ill!  They were told to forget UK medication and to go to the chemist and purchase 'brand X' drug from the local pharmacy!  This holidaymaker became ill, bought the 'recommended' drug and had to seek medical assistance when she returned to the UK.  She was diagnosed and told that she should not have been taking the medication as it would not have resolved her health problem!  This holidaymaker tells of the remarkable behaviour of British holidaymakers who, having received the advices from the welcome meeting, took themselves off to the local chemist and bought, yes that's right, bought the said medication, just in case they got ill!

You have to admire the sheer breathtaking simplicity on how to control the holidaymaker!

It is ironic that only yesterday we published an article guiding holidaymakers on how to deal with holiday illness complaints, either when they are abroad or when they return to the UK.  In that article we stated the following:

"Resist ‘advices’ within travel review websites that state that UK medicines do not work!  Some countries may have products that ‘work’ for so-called gastrointestinal problems, but some of those medications are also banned within Western Countries!  This travel review offering so-called health advice to Egypt is one such example.  It demonstrates interesting comments on how to avoid holiday sickness (we have heard of holidaymakers being advised that the reason they became ill was because they handled the money!) – the review also demonstrates the widespread use of a medicine not licensed in the UK!  References are also sometimes made to lower standards in food and how these should be accepted – we do not accept that position!  Many of the complaints we receive, reflect a poor standard of hygiene leading to a poor quality of food presentation which leads to outbreaks of serious illness, some lasting a lifetime!  The simple rule is by all means read other peoples opinions, but prepare for your holiday health by understanding your own health requirements and the requirements and risks of your host country by reference to relevant health sources!"

It is clear that the same old practices exist and whether tour companies are complicit or not, someone is going to get hurt!  I repeat, the simple rule is that if you have a health problem at a hotel, resort or cruise ship, deal with it, don't mask it!

It is our view that holidaymakers really must not accept the inevitablity of holiday illness!

Think about what you are being told - was this information in the holiday brochure when you booked? 

Did you really go all that way to become ill; if they knew there was a problem before you travelled, why didn't they tell you? 

If you find yourself in that situation, think about what is being said, challenge it, record what is being said, speak and bond with other holidaymakers!

You don't have to accept that your hard earned rest is going to be marred by an 'unexpected' illness!

If you have been affected by holiday illness complaints, then please contact us at HolidayTravelWatch.

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Visiting a doctor abroad

We always hope that you have a good holiday and that you return in better health than perhaps you were in before you went! 

Be prepared!

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