Holiday Advice - How do I deal with All-Inclusive Holiday Complaints?

Times are tight!  There isn't a day that goes by when we hear of the dire economic circumstances that surround us.  For many families, they are trying to go about their lives and provide the very best that they can for their families.  There are some that would criticise those that would even think of taking a 'holiday', but for many British people, it is the only escape that they have from the economic storms that surround them.  Like previous years, when times are tough, British families will always look out for the best possible deal.  For many working on a tight budget, the false lure of the so-called DIY Holiday brings them ever closer to a holiday product that brings certainty - the all-inclusive package!  At this moment in time, holidaymakers are able to consider a wide range of hotels and destinations that offer the true all-in holiday.  However, in considering these holidays, we should be mindful that sometimes things go wrong and instead of returning with holiday memories, some holidaymakers are left with a bitter memory and a string of holiday complaints.  We have put together a short guide on how to deal with either booking your all-inclusive holiday or how to deal with complaints:

  1. If you are thinking about going to a country, do some background checks - is the country politically safe - what are the weather patterns - do they suffer from extreme weather?
  2. Before you book an all-inclusive holiday, do some research - visit travel review websites - make sure you have the full picture - don't always rely on a brochure description; remember the description is designed to tempt you to make the purchase - be sure that this is where you want to go!
  3. What does all-inclusive actually mean; what are you going to get for your money?  Check the brochure description - read the terms and conditions - be sure you understand what you are going to get!
  4. If you are on your holiday and you discover that there are problems with the complex or your room - report these to your representative - give them the chance to put right what has gone wrong;
  5. If you become ill whilst on holiday, do not pass it off as 'one of those things'.  In our experience that is rarely the case.  Seek medical assistance and report it to the representative - ask for an explanation as to the cause of your illness;
  6. Have other holidaymakers got similar problems to you?  Ask them and take their names and contact details - they are your witnesses!
  7. If your complaints are not resolved, make sure that the representative puts your complaints in writing (if they refuse, provide them with your own written copy - invite them to sign it - or get the hotel date stamp put on it - keep a copy for yourself);
  8. Discreetly take photographs and video of the areas of your complaint - if possible, get other holidaymakers to speak on your video!
  9. If you are threatened by the representative or hotel staff for making a complaint - contact us immediately for guidance - you can do this via e mail - or via twitter -!/htwfrank - or via our Facebook page - If you prefer you can always call our helpline - 03450179229;
  10. If you come home with complaints as opposed to good memories, then you should put those complaints in writing to your tour company within 28 days of your return.  If you are unsure what to do, you can always contact us for free help and assistance.  If you have suffered with illness, please make sure that you obtain a stool sample test kit from your Doctor or Environmental Health Officer!

These simple steps will either help you to plan the best holiday you have ever had or equip you for the worst case scenario.  You have paid a lot of money for this holiday and what you get should be safe and match the brochure promise!  Do not be afraid of confronting failures; you have many Consumer Rights and like many holidaymakers before you, you can benefit from rights they give you.

If you have been affected by any problem in any holiday, then please contact us for free assistance!

Visiting a doctor abroad

We always hope that you have a good holiday and that you return in better health than perhaps you were in before you went! 

Be prepared!

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