Complaints on Holiday

Don’t put up with it!

If something’s not right on holiday, say so! Tell the rep. Tell the management. Tell us. Don’t just accept it! The articles below describe the actions of other holidaymakers with a grievance. Let their experience convince you to complain or even give us a call.

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with All-Inclusive Holiday Complaints?

Times are tight!  There isn't a day that goes by when we hear of the dire economic circumstances that surround us.  For many families, they are trying to go about their lives and provide the very best that they can for their families.  There are some that would criticise those that would even think of taking a 'holiday', but for many British people, it is the only escape that they have from the... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Failures & Complaints in the All-Inclusive Holiday!

I was struck by the excellent article from Tourism Concern on the 'ethical' behaviour stemming from all-inclusive holidays.  Many of those who contact us have travelled abroad on all-inclusive Package Holidays, for the simple reason that they provide a 'cost effective' travel solution to the ordinary Consumer.  The problems brought to our attention often relate to large holiday complexes and th... READ MORE 28 April 2012

The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring In The Heavies IX!

This past week we have been talking to and guiding a group of holidaymakers directly in one holiday location.  They contacted us because they had a number of difficulties and complaints with their holiday.  Their problems were not untypical of many of the complaints that we receive.  It seems that in this 'economic climate' tour operators and indeed hoteliers think that holidaymakers should put... READ MORE 14 June 2011

Found! A new way to defeat Holiday Illness Claims?

As we go through this holiday season, I never fail to be amazed by the tenacity of the travel industry's abililty to explain away its problems.  Equally, I never fail to admire and respect the holidaymakers, who, exposed to appalling hygiene conditions and suffering with holiday illness, will always seek to try and make the best of their holiday, or sometimes accept blindly the reasons and rati... READ MORE 10 August 2010

21 Reasons Why You May Have to Make Holiday Illness Complaints and Make Compensation Claims!

Regular followers of HolidayTravelWatch will have noted our recent press release, in which we highlighted the 40 most appalling holiday complaints for the 2010 season!  Through our helpline and e mail service, we speak to many holidaymakers affected by holiday complaints.  This organisation has a reputation in particular for guiding holidaymakers affected by illness in their hotel complexes or... READ MORE 28 July 2010

Simon Calder is now a 1 in 3!

I have been following the woeful tale of Simon Calder's visit to the ski resort of Morzine in the French Alps!  For those who don't know Simon, he is a highly respected travel journalist, who produces 'acres' of comment on the state of travel and the experience of the traveller.  Simon was holidaying at a hotel in this resort, when he met with an unfortunate slipping accident in the restaurant... READ MORE 19 April 2009