General Safety

Stay safe on holiday!

Wherever you’re staying you need to be aware of the dangers that exist around you, especially if you have small children with you. Below we outline some of the risks involved and suggest ways to stay safe.

Keeping safe during Self Catering Holidays

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When using self-catering apartments and villas make sure you know and understand how to use the appliances provided. Check that any fridge or freezer doors close properly otherwise you may find yourself slipping on a pool of water if you need to get up in the middle of the night. If there are any leaking taps or pipes, report them to the owner or his/her representative and ensure they are fix... READ MORE 10 January 2008

Staying safe around plate glass windows and doors

There should be markers/stickers on the plate glass windows or patio doors. In rooms where there are no markings, consider putting a temporary sticker or tape on a patio door so you know when it is closed. Walking through plate glass windows and doors can lead to horrendous scarring and fatalities. In bright sunlight it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the patio door is open or shut. B... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Staying safe on flooring, paving and stairs on holiday

Reports of people tripping or slipping at and suffering injury from holiday accidents in resorts, is an all too common occurrence. You should note and follow the rules below: In hotter climates the use of marble flooring is more prevalent.When wet, marble flooring can be very slippery. Take extra care on these surfaces; Be attentive when flooring is being cleaned at resorts. It is not often... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Keeping safe on day trips and excursions

Even if you are only going on a day trip to another country or are taking an excursion on holiday, accidents can happen. Make sure you have adequate travel insurance and carry your European Insurance Health Card if you are visiting a country in the European Economic Area. Only take day trips or excursions that are provided by the tour operator or another reputable organisation recommended by... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Keeping safe around the Swimming Pool

Many serious injuries and deaths are caused by holiday swimming accidents. Do not use a swimming pool unless you are satisfied it is safe. Follow the basic rules: The bottom of the pool should be visible at all times. Cloudy water could be a hygiene hazard. Do not enter the pool during cleaning or when chemicals are being added. Any children's pool must be supervised and away from deep wa... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Balcony safety on holiday

We receive many complaints about the standard of balconies in holiday accommodation.  Parents often cannot rest easy for fear that their children will either climb through or tip over the edge of a balcony.  One tour operator explained to us that for example, the balconies in in a North African country were set at a particular height, because this reflected the minimum height of the local popul... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Bathroom safety on holiday

Check the bath/shower to ensure that there is a non-slip surface. If not, ask the accommodation owner or his/her representative or your Tour Representative for a bath mat. When using showers or bidet, check the temperature of the water carefully before use. The plumbing systems in some countries can and does produce sudden fluctuations in water temperature. Bathroom fitments are not always se... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Fire Safety on holiday

The terror attached to fire should never be underestimated.  We have received many complaints from holidaymakers as to blocked fire escapes, no fire alarms, poor evacuation procedures, no safety equipment and of course injury!  Always read safety information and fire instructions provided by the hotel and tour operator. Familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits and escape route... READ MORE 9 January 2008