Safety tips for gay and lesbian travellers

The growth of the ‘pink pound’ has seen a rapid growth in resorts and operators providing ‘specialist’ travel packages for Gay & Lesbian persons. You should remember the provisions of the Package Travel Regulations also apply to these ‘specialist’ holiday areas.

HolidayTravelWatch would always recommend that personal care is always exercised.

Consideration should be given to the attitudes that may exist within the country you intend to visit that may amount to homophobia. By carefully researching your destination you will ensure your own personal safety.

One aspect of personal safety concerns the issue of sexual health. HolidayTravelWatch supports the aims and advices of the Terrance Higgins Trust.

If you have particular requirements ensure that you set these out in writing. Obtain confirmation from your travel organiser, in writing, that these needs will be met. Ensure that you do this before you go! Always check with your medical advisors for any additional health precautions you may need to take. Check with the Embassy of the country that you intend to visit that you can ‘import’ any medication you may need during your stay.  Always purchase adequate travel insurance ensuring that you advise the insurance fully of all your medical conditions.

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Visiting a doctor abroad

We always hope that you have a good holiday and that you return in better health than perhaps you were in before you went! 

Be prepared!

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