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Don’t be duped on holiday!

Be careful when dealing with traders abroad! We hear many cases of harassment, with holidaymakers often feeling so intimidated that they end up buying the street dealer’s wares, usually paying way more than an article is worth. Also, the different customs and language of the country you are visiting can potentialy create tension and anger, so be aware of the risks to your personal safety if you’re travelling out and about.   

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We recently received a call for help from a holidaymaker who purchased a diamond in Turkey. The Holidaymaker paid over £2,500.00 for his diamond and was promised documentation to prove its authenticity. The documentation was not provided to him before he returned to the UK, and subsequent calls and letter's have produced no further contact from the 'diamond seller. The holidaymaker became conc... READ MORE 21 March 2008

Safety tips for gay and lesbian travellers

The growth of the ‘pink pound’ has seen a rapid growth in resorts and operators providing ‘specialist’ travel packages for Gay & Lesbian persons. You should remember the provisions of the Package Travel Regulations also apply to these ‘specialist’ holiday areas. HolidayTravelWatch would always recommend that personal care is always exercised. Consideration should be given to the attitudes... READ MORE 9 January 2008