Crime on Holiday

For many years, HolidayTravelWatch has received information from holidaymakers about the holiday crimes that they have suffered with in their hotel or holiday resort. Since the early part of 2012, we have received an unprecedented number of calls from holidaymakers and the survivors left behind where suspicious death has arisen – we expect that trend to continue! 

It is clear that holidaymakers have been affected by burglaries of their hotel rooms and on this subject matter, it has become clear that in the United States, entry into hotel rooms have been made by using devices that override the electronics of hotel room doors.  In some European resorts, it is clear that some break-ins are the result of the ‘inside-job’ or are committed by gangs of criminals. 

Holidaymakers report that they have had bags stolen off them in streets around their hotels or been subject to scams in shops where double the amount of money is taken from their credit cards. 

In some resorts, holidaymakers have been subjected to the unwanted attentions of hotel staff and they have suffered with serious sexual assaults. 

Holidaymakers have reported that they have become intoxicated in a very short space of time through ‘spiked’ drinks served in resort bars, only to have their bank cards ‘raided’ whilst they make quick and successive withdrawals from their bank accounts, only to discover that their money is gone when they next come to make a cash withdrawal. 

We have spoken with holidaymakers who have been subjected to horrendous racial attacks or with the isolation of being a victim of crime on-board a ship, only to discover that these ‘cities on the sea’ have no formal crime reporting processes and that perpetrators either remain on the ships or undetected! 

We have spoken to holidaymakers affected by balcony falls, only to hear that Authorities, Travel Companies and some Media outlets subscribe to the view that these young people are often drunk or drugged and they have little regard to the circumstances of what happened to them and the injustices they have suffered either in the hotels or bars in a resort. 

The most serious of all complaints reported to us is that of where a loved one has been found to have died in suspicious circumstances.  These harrowing tales, like so many of the crime complaints reported to us reveal several things; a lack of interest by travel companies, a failure to apply the ‘prompt assistance’ required by the Package Travel Regulations, complete apathy from Police or investigating Authorities and where appropriate a failure by some UK Authorities to apply the cross-border co-operation in the collation of evidence for the benefit of those who are survivors of serious criminal offences. 

In many cases, there is a clear failure of the Rights accorded to the victims of crime or their survivors under the European Convention on Human Rights or the Human Rights Act. 

If you have been affected by crime on holiday, we would like to hear from you so that we can apply more pressure on those Authorities to act and prevent the same thing happening to other holidaymakers – visit our crime on holiday section or our political lobbying area for further information.

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We always hope that you have a good holiday and that you return in better health than perhaps you were in before you went! 

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