Crime on Holiday

Stealing the good times!

Holidays are meant to be full of smiles and happy memories!  But acts of crime can rob you of this enjoyment. We hear of many cases of holidaymakers suffering at the hands of criminals, whether it’s a burglary, a scam or an assault. Our advice is to be vigilant at all times. If you are a victim of crime on holiday then do get in touch.

Crime on Holiday

For many years, HolidayTravelWatch has received information from holidaymakers about the holiday crimes that they have suffered with in their hotel or holiday resort. Since the early part of 2012, we have received an unprecedented number of calls from holidaymakers and the survivors left behind where suspicious death has arisen – we expect that trend to continue!  It is clear that holidaymaker... READ MORE 29 November 2012

A Tour Operator's Representative's take on Rape!

We are hearing from holidaymakers about a dreadful set of complaints from a hotel in Turkey.  This is a hotel that has cropped up on our radar on more than one occasion! The current crop of complaints include; many holidaymakers having to wait for up to 8 hours on arrival to be allowed into their rooms, children sleeping on the couches of the hotel reception whilst they wait for the rooms, flea... READ MORE 8 September 2011