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We often hear from holidaymakers while they are abroad. They’re usually experiencing a problem at the time which they can’t resolve. Most complaints relate to poor accommodation, hotel booking errors, concerns about personal security, illness or an outbreak of sickness at the resort or on the cruise ship. This section provides facts on some of the key issues that holidaymakers face and gives initial guidance on how best to deal with the problem.

Holiday Illness & Infection

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Holiday Illness or Sickness Problems Either Before or After I Travel?

It is estimated that some 60 million visits abroad are made by Britons each year, with some 20 million package holidays being sold The range of destinations is as wide as it is varied. In the same way the range of complaints are varied, the principle area of concern relates to holiday food poisoning claims. Since 1996 HolidayTravelWatch has dealt with over 250,000 people and their travel compl... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Complaints on Holiday

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with All-Inclusive Holiday Complaints?

Times are tight!  There isn't a day that goes by when we hear of the dire economic circumstances that surround us.  For many families, they are trying to go about their lives and provide the very best that they can for their families.  There are some that would criticise those that would even think of taking a 'holiday', but for many British people, it is the only escape that they have from the... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Personal Safety

Safety & Security Essentials

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In this unsteady world, it is surprising that so many people want to travel and expose themselves to the potential threat to their personal safety.  These threats have arisen because of the desires of certain ‘terrorist’ groups to exact a response to perceived injustices, or because of the way some governments deal with their populations to the detriment of their human rights or simply because... READ MORE 30 November 2012

Crime on Holiday

Crime on Holiday

For many years, HolidayTravelWatch has received information from holidaymakers about the holiday crimes that they have suffered with in their hotel or holiday resort. Since the early part of 2012, we have received an unprecedented number of calls from holidaymakers and the survivors left behind where suspicious death has arisen – we expect that trend to continue!  It is clear that holidaymaker... READ MORE 29 November 2012

Complaints on Holiday

Failures & Complaints in the All-Inclusive Holiday!

I was struck by the excellent article from Tourism Concern on the 'ethical' behaviour stemming from all-inclusive holidays.  Many of those who contact us have travelled abroad on all-inclusive Package Holidays, for the simple reason that they provide a 'cost effective' travel solution to the ordinary Consumer.  The problems brought to our attention often relate to large holiday complexes and th... READ MORE 28 April 2012

Crime on Holiday

A Tour Operator's Representative's take on Rape!

We are hearing from holidaymakers about a dreadful set of complaints from a hotel in Turkey.  This is a hotel that has cropped up on our radar on more than one occasion! The current crop of complaints include; many holidaymakers having to wait for up to 8 hours on arrival to be allowed into their rooms, children sleeping on the couches of the hotel reception whilst they wait for the rooms, flea... READ MORE 8 September 2011

Holiday Illness & Infection

Beware Resort Representatives advices on Holiday Illness!

We have previously warned about resort reps advices on holiday illness or how to treat them; it would seem that some travel companies still insist on the 'plausible' deniability defence - hoping that this will put holidaymakers off the scent!  We are currently helping to put together a group action of holidaymakers who have a range of holiday illness and contractual complaints against their hot... READ MORE 19 August 2011

Complaints on Holiday

The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring In The Heavies IX!

This past week we have been talking to and guiding a group of holidaymakers directly in one holiday location.  They contacted us because they had a number of difficulties and complaints with their holiday.  Their problems were not untypical of many of the complaints that we receive.  It seems that in this 'economic climate' tour operators and indeed hoteliers think that holidaymakers should put... READ MORE 14 June 2011

Holiday Illness & Infection

Norovirus or Norwalk Virus

Throughout 2010 and now into 2011, HolidayTravelWatch has been dealing with increased reports of so-called 'Norovirus' infection.  It should be noted that out of all the cases ever reported to this Organisation, only one holidaymaker has ever reported that they were tested and confirmed as suffering with Norovirus - (Note however, in that case it was the tour operator who tested the holidaymake... READ MORE 19 April 2011

Holiday Illness & Infection

Do you really want to go to a Sick Holiday Hotel or Cruise Ship?

For some time we have observed the spectacle of British Holidaymakers being sent to hotels or cruise ships where it is obvious that illness is rife!  In one notorious case, the string of holiday complaints involved Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Shigella and Campylobacter - some holidaymakers were actually diagnosed with 2 of those diseases! In some hotels and cruise ships we often hear that holi... READ MORE 2 April 2011