Holiday Advice

Holidays are important to us all.

For a few weeks a year, the holiday is a chance to escape the drudgery of work and everyday routine. Yet, rather than feeling rested, we often return home feeling cheated, having had a less than perfect time. Food poisoning, illness, injury, travel delays, flight cancellations, extreme weather, crime… they don’t mention any of this in the brochure.

In this section we identify the risks involved in travelling to certain destinations, and offer advice to help you prepare thoroughly for your holiday and stay safe while abroad. Much of this advice is drawn from the experience of other holidaymakers who have shown that they will no longer accept anything that’s less than perfect.    

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Trip Planning

Suffer the Little Children?

Holidaymakers visiting the island of Gran Canaria, will be able to tell of yet another child in a holiday destination, who disappeared whilst playing outside his home. The story of Yeremi Vargas tells the same poignant tale that was heard in the case of Madeleine McCann; regret, lost opportunities and a rush to judgement! READ MORE 13 May 2008

Holiday Health

Holiday Sickness & Illness - Holiday Food Poisoning

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Holiday sickness/illness, or food poisoning, are some of the most common complaints HolidayTravelWatch receives. It is estimated that some 60 million visits abroad are made by Britons each year. The range of destinations is as wide as it is varied. Since 1996 HolidayTravelWatch has dealt with over 140,000 people and their travel complaints. Many of their problems are health related and the tra... READ MORE 4 May 2008

Culture & Trading

Blood Diamonds | Conflict Diamonds | Ethical Travel | HolidayTravelWatch

We recently received a call for help from a holidaymaker who purchased a diamond in Turkey. The Holidaymaker paid over £2,500.00 for his diamond and was promised documentation to prove its authenticity. The documentation was not provided to him before he returned to the UK, and subsequent calls and letter's have produced no further contact from the 'diamond seller. The holidaymaker became conc... READ MORE 21 March 2008

Ethical Travel

Ethical Travel Organisations

Tourism Concern is an Organisation dedicated to the promotion of Ethical Travel, who develop projects to demonstrate that there is another way to organise travel for the benefit of local communities. We recommend a visit to this website which contains a wonderful and humbling photographic record and comments from people within the travel industry. It also contains useful information on workers rights, water and development issues. Their travel code is simple; Learn about the Country you are visiting, Think about the cost of your holiday, Open your mind to new cultures and traditions, minimise your environmental impact, Use guidebooks to broaden you knowledge, use photography with respect. READ MORE 21 March 2008

Ethical Travel

Responsible Travel and the Travel Industry

The issues of Ethical and Moral Travel must be jointly considered with the Travel Industry. Is is right that the onus of responsibility be placed entirely on the Holidaymaker? Is it just about planting trees? We think not! Recently we have seen some tour companies placing an 'eco' charge on their customers, we think to satisfy the current soundbite. However, we also have to give credit to this first tentative step, a step that leads to a greater corporate ethic within the early years of the 21st century. READ MORE 21 March 2008

Ethical Travel

Ethical Travel Articles

We have gathered together some of our own articles and other articles of interest which should provoke further thought for the intending holidaymaker and Ethical Travel READ MORE 21 March 2008

Personal Safety

Taking Care in the Sun

The sun gives out a range of energy. This is called the electromagnetic spectrum, and it is made up of different forms of energy including infra-red radiation, visible light and ultraviolet radiation (UVR). UVR is the part of the sun's spectrum that can cause skin damage including sunburn and in the longer term can lead to skin cancer. The speed with which sun damage occurs depends on two thi... READ MORE 10 January 2008

Personal Safety

Keeping safe on the beach

Remember to always check if there is a lifeguard and a flag warning system in place. If so, make sure that you know what the flags mean, especially those that may tell you when and where it is dangerous to swim.  An example of the meaning of beach flags is found on the RNLI website - remember, these flags apply to the coastal waters around Britain and may not be replicated elsewhere - the simpl... READ MORE 10 January 2008

Holiday Illness & Infection

What to do about medical treatment abroad

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When you suffer with a holiday illness, injury or accident, self-treatment is often the option practised by travellers, who may not have access to reliable health care while travelling. In fact, many developing countries laboratories lack experienced personnel who can reliably identify the organism that's for example, causing your diarrhoea - you should not depend on a laboratory for a diagnosi... READ MORE 10 January 2008