Holiday Advice

Holidays are important to us all.

For a few weeks a year, the holiday is a chance to escape the drudgery of work and everyday routine. Yet, rather than feeling rested, we often return home feeling cheated, having had a less than perfect time. Food poisoning, illness, injury, travel delays, flight cancellations, extreme weather, crime… they don’t mention any of this in the brochure.

In this section we identify the risks involved in travelling to certain destinations, and offer advice to help you prepare thoroughly for your holiday and stay safe while abroad. Much of this advice is drawn from the experience of other holidaymakers who have shown that they will no longer accept anything that’s less than perfect.    

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Holiday Illness & Infection

Beware of Resort Reps Guidance on Holiday Illness & Medicines!

Do resort reps think that they are fireproof?  Do travel companies know what their resort reps are saying or are they complicit?  Yes, I am back again to report on an old friend - Resort Representatives openly advising holidaymakers at welcome meetings, that the new holidaymakers WILL suffer holiday illness and that the way to deal with it is to buy 'brand X' drug from the local pharmacy!  I do... READ MORE 7 June 2010

Holiday Illness & Infection

Dealing with Holiday Illness or Sickness Abroad or When You Return to the UK!

This year we have already heard from returning holidaymakers about their holiday illness or sickness experience!  Many are reporting that they have suffered an initial 3 to 4 days sickness, a slight recovery and continuing problems when they return to the UK!  Some holidaymakers have reported to us that they have been subsequently diagnosed with diseases such as Salmonella, E-Coli or Shigella!... READ MORE 6 June 2010

Trip Planning

The 12 Golden Rules of Travel

When HolidayTravelWatch was first formed, it was quickly realised that holidaymakers needed a checklist to guide them when they encountered problems. Over the years HolidayTravelWatch has gained invaluable experience which it has endeavoured to share with as many holidaymakers as possible. READ MORE 31 May 2010

Holiday Health

Are You Ready for Disease?

Our Guest Article in this quarter's Travel-Zine was written by a 15 year old holidaymaker. He discusses and raises important points on vaccination. He highlights the problems of disease throughout the world and how they can affect the holidaymaker. He asks, Are You Ready for Disease? The article serves as a timely reminder to all holidaymakers to check vaccination requirements before they trave... READ MORE 23 May 2010

Trip Planning

Are Holiday Kids Clubs Safe?

article image

This article from our Travel-Zine, follows from a disturbing call received from an ex-resort representative. His story highlights the potential dangers that exist, if tour companies do not ensure that children's representatives are properly qualified, or do not have the requisite Criminal Record Bureau checks. READ MORE 23 May 2010

Holiday Illness & Infection

Come Whither The Swine Flu? III

The debate of swine flu and forthcoming holidays rumbles on!  The latest advice (we can only find the following two reports), apparently from Government, is that if you are suffering with swine flu when abroad - stay there until you recover!  Readers of our earlier blog on this matter will have noted our deep concern over the lack of travel insurance cover and how those 'disinclined' to travel,... READ MORE 20 July 2009

Holiday Illness & Infection

Come Whither The Swine Flu? II

So, we can now see the result of the swine flu pandemic - the BBC have reported that reports of this illness have jumped by 50%!  Do you remember our first blog on this issue, how the holidaymaker we reported on was dealt with by the HPA and Health Authorities?  Do you remember all those holidaymakers caught in the first outbreak in Mexico and how they were repatriated?  At the time some report... READ MORE 18 July 2009

Holiday Illness & Infection

Come Whither the Swine Flu?

We have spoken recently with a holidaymaker who took a short break in England.  He decided to spend a long week-end in Cardiff and booked into a hotel near to the airport.  On the day of his arrival he reports that he was not suffering with any health problems.  Further, he also reports that the room was clean and tidy, with no debris left behind by any previous guest.  Within a day, he began t... READ MORE 7 June 2009

Transport On Holiday

Holiday Transport & Driving Abroad

Many holidaymakers use public transport or hire vehicles when they are on holiday or are engaged on business abroad.  This brief guide tells you what you should be looking for when making those arrangements: Using Public Transport Always use reputable major transport companies! Ensure that you obtain the terms of carriage, and travel documentation before you travel, unless it is provided t... READ MORE 17 May 2009

Holiday Health

Health preparations for your holiday

Before you go on holiday make sure that you read the brochure and check the facts relating to health requirements and vaccinations!  Remember, travel agents and tour operators are not professionally qualified to give advice!  Always seek travel health advice from your GP who will normally check with the World Health Organisation advices.  Advice can be obtained from M.A.S.T.A. (Medical Advisory... READ MORE 17 May 2009