Holiday Advice

Holidays are important to us all.

For a few weeks a year, the holiday is a chance to escape the drudgery of work and everyday routine. Yet, rather than feeling rested, we often return home feeling cheated, having had a less than perfect time. Food poisoning, illness, injury, travel delays, flight cancellations, extreme weather, crime… they don’t mention any of this in the brochure.

In this section we identify the risks involved in travelling to certain destinations, and offer advice to help you prepare thoroughly for your holiday and stay safe while abroad. Much of this advice is drawn from the experience of other holidaymakers who have shown that they will no longer accept anything that’s less than perfect.    

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Holiday Complaints

Your Consumer Rights & How to Resolve Your Holiday or Travel Complaints!

As our article in 2009 proved, many British holidaymakers experienced a 'holiday from hell', or a less than satisfactory holiday experience!  Many holidaymakers suffered a holiday with serious or catastrophic consequences!  Our latest articles for the 2010 holiday season (20 holidaymakers comments and a list of 40 current complaints), demonstrate that this year is unlikely to be any different f... READ MORE 3 May 2012

Complaints on Holiday

Failures & Complaints in the All-Inclusive Holiday!

I was struck by the excellent article from Tourism Concern on the 'ethical' behaviour stemming from all-inclusive holidays.  Many of those who contact us have travelled abroad on all-inclusive Package Holidays, for the simple reason that they provide a 'cost effective' travel solution to the ordinary Consumer.  The problems brought to our attention often relate to large holiday complexes and th... READ MORE 28 April 2012

Trip Planning

Free Speech for Holidaymakers! When do we want it? Now!

article image

I was struck by the latest response by Trip Advisor, to the pressure that is being brought to bear on 'false' or inaccurate reviewing! This appears to have snow-balled from a Channel Four documentary - The Attack of the Trip Advisor! I have to say that words almost failed me after having seen this program; I am not sure what the program hoped to achieve by choosing to examine a very small part of the holiday reviews world. I feel that it is important to distinguish between the kind of complaints we hear of and those presented through this program. READ MORE 9 November 2011

Crime on Holiday

A Tour Operator's Representative's take on Rape!

We are hearing from holidaymakers about a dreadful set of complaints from a hotel in Turkey.  This is a hotel that has cropped up on our radar on more than one occasion! The current crop of complaints include; many holidaymakers having to wait for up to 8 hours on arrival to be allowed into their rooms, children sleeping on the couches of the hotel reception whilst they wait for the rooms, flea... READ MORE 8 September 2011

Holiday Illness & Infection

Beware Resort Representatives advices on Holiday Illness!

We have previously warned about resort reps advices on holiday illness or how to treat them; it would seem that some travel companies still insist on the 'plausible' deniability defence - hoping that this will put holidaymakers off the scent!  We are currently helping to put together a group action of holidaymakers who have a range of holiday illness and contractual complaints against their hot... READ MORE 19 August 2011

Holiday Complaints

And they say that Holiday Illness Claims are examples of a 'Compensation Culture' gone mad?

Yesterday we published our list of '40 Ridiculous & Appalling Holiday Complaints' for the 2011 holiday season to date!  There has been much criticism made of the 'holiday complaints' industry and how this is but part of the 'illness' that is running through our claims culture society.  I have never made it a secret; if a holidaymaker suffers with a poor holiday contract or they become ill t... READ MORE 10 August 2011

Trip Planning

Beware of Cheap Holidays = Recipes for Holiday Complaints!

I was attracted to a headline in the Daily Express this past week, which proclaimed, “Cheer Up, Holiday Packages Slashed”. The articles advises that ‘cash starved’ Britons could be facing the prospect of finding holidays abroad with anything up to 60% taken off the original holiday price! The author of the piece suggests that many holidaymakers are waiting until the last minute, when they could potentially enjoy discounts of between 10 & 30% off the brochure price! READ MORE 14 July 2011

Complaints on Holiday

The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring In The Heavies IX!

This past week we have been talking to and guiding a group of holidaymakers directly in one holiday location.  They contacted us because they had a number of difficulties and complaints with their holiday.  Their problems were not untypical of many of the complaints that we receive.  It seems that in this 'economic climate' tour operators and indeed hoteliers think that holidaymakers should put... READ MORE 14 June 2011

Holiday Complaints

Holidaymakers! Get off your knees and claim your holiday rights!

These past two to three months have been unprecedented for HolidayTravelWatch with the volume of calls we have received!  Political strife, risky destinations, snow chaos, the annual tales of holiday illness and the now regular roundabout of those holidaymakers still trapped by the failure of holiday companies and no cash returned! We are speaking with more and more holidaymakers who despite th... READ MORE 19 May 2011

Holiday Complaints

Holiday Complaints: The real cost of holiday illness claims!

I note the Daily Mail's recent article on holiday illness complaints, where it was revealed that 32% of Britons had stated that they had become ill whilst on holiday!  What is interesting about this figure, is that in 2006, we attempted to provide a cost on returning holiday illnesses and whilst we could have easily concluded that 50% of holidaymakers at that time were reporting illness, we ado... READ MORE 22 April 2011