Holiday Advice

Holidays are important to us all.

For a few weeks a year, the holiday is a chance to escape the drudgery of work and everyday routine. Yet, rather than feeling rested, we often return home feeling cheated, having had a less than perfect time. Food poisoning, illness, injury, travel delays, flight cancellations, extreme weather, crime… they don’t mention any of this in the brochure.

In this section we identify the risks involved in travelling to certain destinations, and offer advice to help you prepare thoroughly for your holiday and stay safe while abroad. Much of this advice is drawn from the experience of other holidaymakers who have shown that they will no longer accept anything that’s less than perfect.    

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Holiday Illness & Infection

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Shigella?

As part of the range of holiday complaints on illnesses received by HolidayTravelWatch, holidaymakers often report confirmed Shigella diagnosis.  The features of Shigella consist of:  Incubation period: 1 to 7 days; Common clinical features: Bloody diarrhoea, S. sonnei generally mild other species more severe; Reservoir: It is found in the human gastrointestinal tract; Transmission: Faeca... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Holiday Illness & Infection

What to do about Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) or Swine Influenza

The rise of Bird and Swine Flu viruses, obviously causes concern to holidaymakers and threatens the viability of their holiday contracts.  The UK Department of Health has published advices in a number of formats to deal with this potential threat.  Bird Flu: They advise that Bird Flu is one that affects mainly wild and domestic birds. In that form, it can spread very quickly through poultry f... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Holiday Illness & Infection

How to deal with Sunstroke

Sunstroke, or heatstroke, is an illness caused by prolonged exposure to very hot temperatures or dehydration. It can also be caused if the body's own temperature regulation mechanisms fail to work properly. Even a rise of a couple of degrees from the body's normal temperature can have profound effects on the way the metabolism works. Very often a human exposed to very hot temperatures can su... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Personal Safety

Safety advice about food and water on holiday

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You can prevent TD (Travellers Diarrhoea) if you can avoid eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with stool. However, this is harder than it might seem in countries with a poor ability to dispose of stool safely. The basic idea is to treat all water as if it is potentially contaminated and to avoid foods that are likely to be contaminated. You can lower your risk of getting TD by... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Personal Safety

Staying safe and advice for photographers

During the current International tensions and concerns on terrorism, HolidayTravelWatch recommends that care and respect be practiced at all times. The case that attracted most attention relates to the British men who were arrested allegedly spying in Greece. It is clear that in that case much was misunderstood, particularly by the authorities. All travellers must avoid taking photographs in... READ MORE 9 January 2008

Holiday Complaints

The High Cost of Foreign Holiday Illness Exposed

This is the lead article where we are questioning the high cost to the nation from returning holiday illnesses. We are calling for a national debate on this very serious issue, and the article highlights the full article which has appeared in our latest Travel-Zine - High Cost of Foreign Holidays Exposed - 26.10.06.pdf READ MORE 26 October 2006