Holiday Advice

Holidays are important to us all.

For a few weeks a year, the holiday is a chance to escape the drudgery of work and everyday routine. Yet, rather than feeling rested, we often return home feeling cheated, having had a less than perfect time. Food poisoning, illness, injury, travel delays, flight cancellations, extreme weather, crime… they don’t mention any of this in the brochure.

In this section we identify the risks involved in travelling to certain destinations, and offer advice to help you prepare thoroughly for your holiday and stay safe while abroad. Much of this advice is drawn from the experience of other holidaymakers who have shown that they will no longer accept anything that’s less than perfect.    

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Trip Planning

Guide to the Travel Industry

It is essential that when you are making your travel arrangements that you book with an agent, operator or arranger who carries membership of one of the following organisations. By placing your booking with such a member, you are ‘buying’ extra consumer protection through ‘protection’ arrangements designed to give the Consumer confidence in that brand. These Travel Trade Bodies are there to pr... READ MORE 8 September 2015

Trip Planning

Planning your Holiday - Tips on how to choose the holiday that is right for you!

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Planning your holiday can be an exciting time; the promise of a far off beach and lazy days, away from the stresses of the world is hard to resist. However, some holidaymakers fail to plan their holiday and sometimes suffer disappointment with their chosen destination. Where such disappointment exists, it cannot always be said to be the fault of the tour operator of it can be shown that your 'choice' was not made with care! When you buy a car, or choose an electrical appliance, most people will research that product before making a final choice. The problem with holiday choices is that the temptation to 'click and go' and the ease at which you can make your choice, often with little description has all the potential to deliver disappointment. READ MORE 15 May 2015

Holiday Complaints

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Holiday Complaints?

With the wide range of guidance and advice that is available, it is no wonder Consumers become confused when trying to find easy expert advice on how to deal with their holiday complaints! Our world has become so accessible, with the ability for Consumers to buy any holiday, any travel itinerary to any place in the world – we have truly become the ‘click and go’ generation! When holidaymakers... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Holiday Complaints

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with unhelpful Tour Operators?

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They say to err is human; to forgive, divine!  At various times in our lives, we all make mistakes or errors and most accept that they have done so and seek to repair any damage or loss of confidence created; that is natural human behaviour.  Companies behave in the same way because they are staffed by humans and therefore errors will arise!  Sometimes those errors or failures can be fixed quit... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Holiday Illness & Infection

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with Holiday Illness or Sickness Problems Either Before or After I Travel?

It is estimated that some 60 million visits abroad are made by Britons each year, with some 20 million package holidays being sold The range of destinations is as wide as it is varied. In the same way the range of complaints are varied, the principle area of concern relates to holiday food poisoning claims. Since 1996 HolidayTravelWatch has dealt with over 250,000 people and their travel compl... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Complaints on Holiday

Holiday Advice - How do I deal with All-Inclusive Holiday Complaints?

Times are tight!  There isn't a day that goes by when we hear of the dire economic circumstances that surround us.  For many families, they are trying to go about their lives and provide the very best that they can for their families.  There are some that would criticise those that would even think of taking a 'holiday', but for many British people, it is the only escape that they have from the... READ MORE 15 May 2015


What are my rights with Timeshare and Holiday Clubs?

We are receiving a growing number of calls from individual or groups of holidaymakers who have been affected by the aftermath of purchasing a timeshare or holiday club.  Timeshare is not just related to buildings but can also include boats, yachts and any other leisure items!  For many Consumers, they are faced with an uphill battle to understand the sales process and their rights and many are... READ MORE 4 December 2012


What is a Timeshare or Holiday Club?

What many people do not realise is that timeshare has its roots in Europe following the aftermath of the Second World War!  Individuals and families got together and bought a quarter share in a holiday property as a way of establishing an ‘investment’ following the gloom of the war years.  They would then rotate the period they bought so that everyone would get an equal ‘timeshare’ of the prope... READ MORE 2 December 2012

Trip Planning

Extreme Weather

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Between July and December of each year, we hear from holidaymakers affected by extreme weather events such as hurricanes or other natural phenomena. The complaints that arise from their holiday usually amount to being sent into what has become a disaster area or that they were not evacuated from danger. READ MORE 30 November 2012

Personal Safety

Safety & Security Essentials

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In this unsteady world, it is surprising that so many people want to travel and expose themselves to the potential threat to their personal safety.  These threats have arisen because of the desires of certain ‘terrorist’ groups to exact a response to perceived injustices, or because of the way some governments deal with their populations to the detriment of their human rights or simply because... READ MORE 30 November 2012