Toxins on holiday - What's your poison?


We are hearing from increasing numbers of UK holidaymakers believing that they have been affected by exposure to fumes and toxins whilst on holiday.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the known killer but there are other toxins released when fuel is produced or burnt known as CO+.

Fumes on cruise ships and in the aircraft cabin are much reported and need to be tackled urgently. Holidaymakers can also face chemical exposure at their hotel or holiday apartment, due to failures in swimming pool maintenance, building work or chemicals sprayed around a garden area.

In most cases, any complaints are dismissed too easily and in some instances holidaymakers have been accused of taking drugs or being drunk. We will take your comments seriously, so if you think you have been exposed to toxins, call us on 0345 017 9279 or email.

Want to know or learn more?

Why not download and read this pdf from the EU. A fire safety report about toxins.

It's not just us!

There have been many reports about this in the wider press, here is one such report from the BBC.