Medical Maltreatment Overseas - How are they treating you?


Illness or injury will ruin the holiday, especially if the right treatment isn’t given.

In developing countries, medical treatment ranges from excellent to severely lacking, with test results often unreliable. Many travellers therefore resort to self-diagnosis and treatment in these countries. 

Elsewhere, we continue to receive reports of tour companies or hotel management organising medical treatment for holidaymakers, often misdiagnosing when doing so. The usual mistake is to try and cure viral infections with antibiotics.

We are also concerned about the growing practice of asking holidaymakers to sign documents agreeing that they have suffered with a particular illness - usually viral!

We have prepared a series of articles on how to deal with various illnesses and infections. You should find these useful but if you are in any doubt about the diagnosis or proposed medical treatment, contact your GP. Certainly we would recommend that you see your doctor on your return to the UK, so that the proper tests and treatment can be undertaken.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised here, no matter what your destination, call us on 0345 017 9279 or email.

Want to know or learn more?

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It's not just us!

There have been many reports about this in the wider press, here is one such report from the BBC.