Kids’ Clubs – A safe haven?


Kids’ Clubs are perfect for children and adults. The kids can be with other kids doing fun things, and the parents can have some time to themselves. But are Kids’ Clubs safe?

The way they are managed and run is often called into question and we regularly receive reports from parents of poor equipment or facilities. Health and Safety isn’t such a hot topic in some overseas countries, so we do hear of children being injured.

Another worrying aspect of Kids’ Clubs is the fact that sometimes children's representatives are not properly qualified or have not been subjected to the requisite Criminal Record Bureau checks. The potential dangers of this are obvious and we suggest that parents aren’t afraid to ask the necessary questions and get the relevant reassurances from holiday companies.

The following articles will tell you more about the topic and if you have concerns or complaints about any Holiday Kids’ Clubs, call us on 0345 017 9279 or email.

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It's not just us!

There have been many reports about this in the wider press, here is one such report from the Daily Mail.