Booking Problems - Not what you expected?


You’d think that if you book a package holiday, there’d be nothing to go wrong. You’d be wrong. We regularly hear from holidaymakers annoyed at the way their booking was handled or feeling aggrieved that they didn’t get the holiday they booked.   

Any holiday should be reasonably as described in the brochure or on the web site, otherwise it's an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act and you can claim compensation. 

If you prefer booking your own flights and hotels instead of buying a package, you’ll have more holiday freedom but less protection under the law. If it all goes wrong or if the airline or hotel you’ve booked with goes out of business, there will be no one to make other arrangements for you. You will have to sort out any problems yourself and it is unlikely that you will receive compensation. You will certainly need to take out travel insurance before you travel, making sure that it fully meets your needs.

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It's not just us!

There have been many reports about this in the wider press, here is one such report from The Guardian.