Fumes and Contaminated Cabin Air - We’re fuming!

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In recent years we’ve witnessed the growing phenomenon of Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome, with passengers and crew being adversely affected by fumes on board aircraft. The lobby for action on cabin air quality is growing daily, despite effective aviation, scientific and government opposition. The notion put forward by these opponents is that passengers and crew are simply suffering from the effects of hyperventilation. This puzzles and angers us!

This is an international scandal and we say that if airlines don't take the necessary action to produce clean air on-board they should be "blacklisted" under EU Regulation 2111/2005. Passengers should also benefit from the wide-ranging powers of the EU Commission to engage and direct Member States on serious issues or breaches of airline or aircraft safety. EU airline passengers deserve nothing less.

You can read more below about our ‘Brown Bag Campaign’ and if you think that you have been affected by fumes on board your holiday airline, call us on 0345 017 9229 or email.

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