Flight Delays and Cancellations - Up and Away! Or not


If you find yourself lounging in the airport instead of beside the pool, you won’t be alone. Holidaymakers are often subjected to flight delays and cancellations, sometimes being totally stranded. Flight delay compensation is a hot topic at the moment and we can help you.

This section contains a series of articles to help you understand your rights under EC Regulation 261/2004 - the Flight Delay, Denied Boarding & Flight Cancellation Rules. Under this regulation, you could be entitled to assistance, meals and refreshments and, in some circumstances, hotel accommodation and transport to the hotel.

At HolidayTravelWatch we want air passengers to receive the full range of rights that they are entitled to, and we are also lobbying for improved rights for air passengers in Europe. The present EC Regulation 261/2004 has been much maligned, especially after the volcanic ash cloud crisis in 2010, and in May 2014 the EU Commission announced new proposals. There will be a great deal of lobbying before these become law, hopefully to the extra benefit of air passengers.

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