Cruise Complaints - A raft of criticism


A cruise can be the most relaxing and pleasurable of holidays. We do, however, regularly receive all manner of complaints.

Most relate to food and water quality, standards of hygiene, the state of on-board swimming pools, sewage smells, poor plumbing, flooding of cabins and the range of illness experienced on these holidays, such as Salmonella, Shigella, serious gastric problems and Norovirus.

Sometimes, passengers are unhappy about their cabins and service, the cost and crew. We also hear from holidaymakers who have suffered harassment, sexual assault or inappropriate behaviour.

Strangely, the destination makes no difference – the same complaints are heard whether cruising in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean, around the British Isles, down the Nile or on Europe’s major rivers.

If you are returning from a cruise and have been affected by sickness, illness or any other holiday issues, call us on 0345 017 9229 or email.  

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