Accident on Holiday - Stay Safe

Accident on Holiday

Wherever you’re staying, you need to be aware of the dangers that exist around you, especially if you have small children with you.

It is all too easy to relax and take a more casual approach on holiday, but serious injury, even death, can result if sufficient care isn’t taken.

In the articles below we outline some of the risks involved, and suggest ways to stay safe.

These risks can range from balconies to plate glass doors, faulty appliances to slippery floors. And, of course, swimming pools are a constant source of danger.

Having an accident on holiday is not fun, so if you have any safety concerns at the hotel or apartment where you’re staying, point these out straightaway, either to the proprietor or to the holiday representative. If nothing is done, tell us the problem.

If you or a member of your party has had an accident on holiday; we can help - Call us on 0345 017 9229 or email.

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