Ships Safety Directive or Regulation

We cannot avoid the issues surrounding the Costa Concordia. At this point in time we are waiting for the trial and outcome of that trial to determine the safety, crew and design issues that may have contributed to this horrendous incident!

Ships Safety however, is not just about the nuts and bolts of a ship, it is also about the conduct that some passengers face; some have experienced serious sexual assualt, harassment and theft.

In more serious cases, we have met the very brave families whose loved one's have disappeared from a ship and have had to face the indifference from these large corporate bodies.

We have campigned and worked with senior politicians at Westminster, represented views to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO - a UN executive body), the EU Commission and the Australian Parliament.

This section conveniently pulls together all the key lobbying documents and reports on the issue of ships safety.

It is designed to promote the debate that the EU should urgently adopt a Ships Safety Directive or Regulation!

Since 2010 we have seen time and time again the poor standards and conditions found on cruise ships; concerns on ships safety standards was demonstrated by the Costa Concordia incident.

We have demonstrated that there is an urgent need for an EU-wide Ships Sanitation Vessel Program given the rise of the so-called ‘Norovirus’ bug!

We are also concerned that the EU will fall behind the USA where there is an active campaign to ensure that the equivalent of a passenger's personal safety ‘Ships Safety Directive’ - The Cruise Vessel Security & Safety Act - is implemented despite the fact that it has been passed into law (it has been suggested that ther are some back door tactics preventing implementation of the law)!  

The US Security at Sea Act is aimed at protecting the many passengers who suffer assault, sexual attacks and in some cases simply disappear!

The EU must be mindful of this important area, hence our belief that the time is now ripe for the EU to introduce its own Directive or Regulation!  

Despite the representations of this Organisation and other Campaigners, there is still nothing on the EU Maritime Day's agenda nor is there a willingness within the EU Commission to legislate to protect its citizens.

This section highlights the concerns for UK holidaymakers and demosntrates the need for action!

Ships Safety - Re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic!

I was struck by a news item which tells of a major cruise company becoming quite vexed about the 'reservation' of deck-chairs onboard their cruise ships.  So concerned are they that they are carrying out a pilot process whereby if it is suspected that a chair has been 'reserved' and is not used, your personal 'reservation' items will be removed and can be collected from storage later!  The crui... READ MORE 1 August 2012

Time for an EU Ships Regulation!

We have recently spoken with one holidaymaker who suffered an appalling experience onboard a ‘new’ cruise ship.  He like many others had saved hard for their holiday and experienced a complete failure in the delivery of the cruise product.  One striking comment he made was that ‘illness [was] an acceptable by-product of the cruise experience’!   We discovered that this holidaymaker had been il... READ MORE 29 October 2010

Cruising Toward Accountability - Guest Article from International Cruise Victims

International Cruise Victims Associations, Inc (ICV) is a group that is comprised of victims who survived and family members of victims who did not survive crimes while on a cruise vacation. Our purpose is to support each other and other victims of such crimes, and to support legislation to require accountability and improved safety for everyone on cruise vacations. Since the beginning of Inte... READ MORE 19 May 2008

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