Aircraft Aerotoxic or Contaminated Air Events

Several weeks ago I was on a flight in Europe, sitting close to the rear of the aircraft. As the aircraft was being pushed back, a strong odour or smell was recognised by all around me. Two passengers next to me were struggling with their inhalers and were becoming concerned. I explained to this couple about the problem with the air supply into aircraft and they discovered that several minutes into the flight, the smell disappeared!

This is a fairly common occurence, although this is not accepted by aircraft manufacturers, aviation authorities or politicians!

This is in our view a major International scandal and one we have been lobbying on since 2007.

We have had the very great pleasure to meet and work alongside pilots and crew affected by the same contaminated air as passengers.

This section conveniently pulls together the documents and reports we have submitted on the issue of what is know as contaminated cabin air events, aerotoxic or sick aircraft syndrome.

This major issue, we predict, will gain further importance from 2014 onwards!

This is an issue that will not go away and we say, that it is important for all stakeholders in the air travel product, that this is confronted sooner rather than later, before a serious accident occurs!

The reports in this section demonstrate the growing lobby and information on this International Scandal!

Contaminated Aircraft Cabin Air - comments on aerotoxic Issues

Since 2006, HolidayTravelWatch has noted the suggestion amongst the submissions to the Committee on Toxicity (COT), that symptoms of illness highlighted by crew and passengers, following their exposure to fumes on aircraft, were akin to the condition of ‘hyperventilation’!  This simplistic conclusion has continued to be perpetuated in the following year’s right up to 2012! HolidayTravelWatch h... READ MORE 28 February 2014

So Trade Unions, what are you going to do about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality?

As you will know, we have for several years been campaigning against the scandal of toxins escaping into aircraft cabins. Our quest for a greater openness and honesty, has taken the views of HolidayTravelWatch and the experiences of holidaymakers around the world, to try and bring about the conditions whereby common sense and safety will prevail! I have met and continue to meet some remarkable... READ MORE 30 October 2013

Brown Bag Campaign

HolidayTravelWatch has noted amongst the submissions to the Committee on Toxicity (COT), and further commentary, that it has been suggested, that symptoms following exposure to contaminated aircraft cabin air, highlighted by crew and passengers, were akin to the condition of ‘hyperventilation’ READ MORE 21 November 2012

Come Fly With Me? Report to The European Aviation Safety Agency

In 2009, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) called on pilots, crew, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and other interested parties, to submit their views on the problem of smoke or fumes escaping into aircraft cabins/cockpits.  We have written extensively on the issue that has become known as Aerotoxic Syndrome and the profound effects upon pilots, crew and passengers following exposure... READ MORE 12 January 2010

Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome - The Consumer Perspective - Report to Australian Aviation Authorities

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), has called for evidence on the issue of Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome.  Their investigation remit has stated that: "CASA has tasked this Expert Panel to review the national and international scientific research and other information around cabin air quality with the aims of: i. establishing the current state of knowledge in relation... READ MORE 14 June 2009

Brown Bag Campaign - Petition Against Sick Aircraft or Aerotoxic Syndrome

HolidayTravelWatch has noted amongst the submissions to the Committee on Toxicity (COT), that it has been suggested, that symptoms highlighted by crew and passengers, were akin to the condition of ‘hyperventilation’. HolidayTravelWatch has campaigned for many years on the issue of public safety, and considers that the issue of Aerotoxic Syndrome, is potentially one of the most serious public h... READ MORE 19 March 2008

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines Film Released

HolidayTravelWatch Advises Travel Consumers, that the film 'Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines' is being featured on general cinema release initially at the following locations: Sunday 9 March 2008 - 1pm London - Rich Mix Cinema Rich Mix Cinema UK Cinema premier and Q&A with Tristan Loraine 5-47 Bethnal Green Road - London E1 6LA Booking line: 020 7613 7490 Sunday 16 March 2008 - 1.30pm... READ MORE 17 March 2008

Guest Article: The Aerotoxic Association

Following the launch of The Aerotoxic Association at the House of Commons, we are delighted to receive their Guest Article on the issue of Aerotoxic Syndrome. Written by a Professional Airline Pilot, it provides a very clear explanation of this serious condition and its causes. The article is accompanied with useful links to similar organisations. To read the full Aerotoxic Assocaiton article,... READ MORE 23 June 2007

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