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We have a strong record of putting your story at the heart of the political debate!

At the core of all holiday complaints or problems lies the serious issue of what changes can be made; is it for example, always the case that the only way that improvements in holiday contracts can be acheived, is through the making of claims or seeking compensation?

Whilst that certainly has a role, particularly in serious illness cases, such as Salmonella, Shigella, Cryptosporidium, Norovirus etc, there is a need to seek change through political means.

Our Campaigns section covers a wide variety of topics and includes information on our campaigns on the Package Travel Regulations, the need for holidaymakers to ‘Whistleblow for Safety’ where holiday transport is deficient or the growing and serious issue of Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome.

We value holidaymakers input and we make sure your voice is heard!

Come on, step forward and take part – action now will provide a voice to your concerns and will contribute toward protecting you and your family when you travel in the future!

In this section you will find a sample of articles and reports from throughout the Campaigns section, which highlights our political work at Westminster, the EU Commission, various Aviation Authorities, all calling for increased protection for Consumers!

Children's Safety In Holidays

Have We Not Learned The Lessons of Madeleine McCann?

The other day I was on a crowded beach when I heard the very plaintiff cry of "Mommy - where are you Mommy?".  I looked up and saw a 3/4 year old girl walking between all of the holidaymakers lying on the beach.  It was quite clear that she was very upset and could not find her Mother amongst the crowds.  The beach consisted of British, French, Dutch, Irish and Spanish holidaymakers.  As the yo... READ MORE 21 August 2009

Travel Insurance

The Time for 261/2004 Enforcement is near?

Enforcement comes from the verb 'enforce' which means 'to make people obey a law, or to make a particular situation happen or be accepted'.  Tell that to a group of airline passengers, some of whom spent a very uncomfortable Saturday night on the floor of an airport in Slovakia!  Those passengers paid good money to travel with a well known low cost airline, to travel back to the UK, only to hav... READ MORE 19 July 2009

Aerotoxic Syndrome

Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome - The Consumer Perspective - Report to Australian Aviation Authorities

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), has called for evidence on the issue of Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome.  Their investigation remit has stated that: "CASA has tasked this Expert Panel to review the national and international scientific research and other information around cabin air quality with the aims of: i. establishing the current state of knowledge in relation... READ MORE 14 June 2009

Air Passenger Rights

The 'Sneaky' Internet Airline Extras!

I have just booked a short flight for two with a major airline.  I reached the end of my booking to discover that a flight that I had thought was going to cost £139.00 was now in fact close to £250!  I was at the point of 'click n' go' - when I discovered that this cheap flight was £111 extra!  Why?  I decided to investigate!  I clicked back through my booking and discovered that there was a c... READ MORE 8 May 2009

Package Travel Directive

The Summer of Consumer Discontent 2008! Update on the Operation of The Package Travel Directive

In October 2007, HolidayTravelWatch submitted its findings and recommendations to the EU Commission on the Package Travel Directive.  Following that report, the EU parliament adopted a resolution calling for a 'renewed' EU Tourism Policy.  This was followed by a report, commissioned by the EU Parliament, which recommended a strengthening of the Package Travel Directive. We have decided to prov... READ MORE 17 April 2009

Holiday Illness and Standards

The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring in the Heavies VI

We recently heard from a holidaymaker who had suffered with serious illness on his holiday.  He remains seriously ill.  He was not the only one and he also became aware that other holidaymakers before him had also become ill.  When he returned home he did what most holidaymakers do, he wrote his letter of complaint to the tour operator.  This tour operator has been established for many years an... READ MORE 9 February 2009

Package Travel Directive

To Package or Not to Package? The Bio-Hazard & Bio-Crime Detriment!

The threat to The Package Travel Regulations still remains.  The EU Commission have initially reported that they see a case for a renewal of the Directive, but because of forthcoming EU budgetary and parliamentary elections, such proposals have to remain on ‘ice’.  That means that the earliest we are likely to witness any draft documentation is likely to be from mid 2009 onwards.  In the meanti... READ MORE 15 January 2009

Alcohol Safety in Holidays

Drinks Warning in Kavos!

We heard from an angry Father, whose son was hospitalised with pancreatitis.  This followed from an evening out in one of the many bars in Kavos, where it appears that he had been served with spiked drinks.  The dread of any parent is to hear that something bad has happened to a child, particularly when they are so far from home.  Fortunately this young man recovered, and through the steely cou... READ MORE 15 January 2009

Holiday Illness and Standards

The Cure for Holiday Illness and Complaints? - Bring In The Heavies III

The other day we heard of an outrageous reaction to holidaymakers who reported to their rep that they were ill (there were others apparently ill at the resort).  The reaction from the rep?  The holidaymakers were ordered to leave the resort! The second story brings to it another element of pressure.  There is a hotel in Mexico, which according to holidaymakers we have been speaking to, present... READ MORE 13 October 2008

Access to Justice for Holiday Makers

The Stench of Tour Operator Holiday Compensation!

Within our 'Call to Arms' feature, we have featured a hotel where many people have become very seriously ill and have made holiday complaints to HolidayTravelWatch.  We have received complaints from British and Canadian holidaymakers, all complaining about the awful conditions at this complex.  We have spoken to holidaymakers who have reported the effects of dreadful holiday sickness, some with... READ MORE 28 September 2008

  • How can I claim?
    • Were you ill or injured on holiday in the last 3 years?
    • Do you believe you booked a Package Holiday?

    If you can answer yes to both questions, you may be able to bring a claim under the Package Travel Regulations!

    Don't worry if you cannot answer yes to both questions; if you think you booked your travel independently, you may be able to make a claim against your travel provider or supplier!

  • Other Holiday Problems;
    How can I claim?
    • Have you suffered with failures in your holiday or flight contract?
    • Does your complaint against your holiday company arise in the last 6 years (UK Only) (flights 2 years)?

    If you can answer yes to both questions, you may be able to bring a claim against your travel provider or supplier.

  • What compensation can I claim?

    Whatever type of claim you have, the level of damages you can hope to get is based on a number of factors. Firstly you have to prove your case and then an assessment is carried out to determine the level of damages.

    Read our guide on damages....

  • Why should I claim?

    You have worked hard for that precious two week holiday in the sun! Holidays are the same as any other Consumer product - if it goes wrong, you have a right to claim.

    Read more about your rights ....

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