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We have a strong record of putting your story at the heart of the political debate!

At the core of all holiday complaints or problems lies the serious issue of what changes can be made; is it for example, always the case that the only way that improvements in holiday contracts can be acheived, is through the making of claims or seeking compensation?

Whilst that certainly has a role, particularly in serious illness cases, such as Salmonella, Shigella, Cryptosporidium, Norovirus etc, there is a need to seek change through political means.

Our Campaigns section covers a wide variety of topics and includes information on our campaigns on the Package Travel Regulations, the need for holidaymakers to ‘Whistleblow for Safety’ where holiday transport is deficient or the growing and serious issue of Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome.

We value holidaymakers input and we make sure your voice is heard!

Come on, step forward and take part – action now will provide a voice to your concerns and will contribute toward protecting you and your family when you travel in the future!

In this section you will find a sample of articles and reports from throughout the Campaigns section, which highlights our political work at Westminster, the EU Commission, various Aviation Authorities, all calling for increased protection for Consumers!


Campaigning for Consumer Safety & Rights: What we do!

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Whilst we provide help and assistance to Consumers who come to our helpline, we also pay forward that contact by using their story (where we have permission), and argue for improved safety standards or legal rights. Below we list the contributions we have made to the Travel debate but we have only listed the major items or events that deal with issues that affect Consumer travel. Aside from thi... READ MORE 24 January 2017

Survey Results

Holiday Standards Report

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An end to avoidable holiday problems? The HolidayTravelWatch 'Holiday Standards' Report   20 years ago, this organisation was created from our Founder's bad holiday experience. Through the following years, she sought to highlight and argue for a change to the holiday product and bring about an end to avoidable experiences. Through these 2 decades, HolidayTravelWatch has assisted many thousan... READ MORE 29 July 2015

Carbon Monoxide and other Toxins on Holiday

Speech at the House of Lords; Carbon Monoxide and the State of Consumer Campaigning!

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CO-Gas Safety (COGS) has celebrated its 20th Year of Campaigning and held its last Schools Poster Competition at the House of Lords on Tuesday 27 January 2015. We were honoured to be asked to deliver a speech at this event and did so about the state of Consumer Campaigning. Whilst we delivered our speech from a Carbon Monoxide perspective, we brought together the sum of our experiences from ar... READ MORE 27 January 2015

Carbon Monoxide and other Toxins on Holiday

What do the Public want APPCOG Information on CO+ Now

We have been following the recent developments in the debate on Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Monoxide+ (CO+) and noted that the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) were carrying out an inquiry into 'Consumer Behaviour'.  We were concerned to read however that submissions to the Inquiry would not be published and considered that this flew in the face of the accepted protoc... READ MORE 21 May 2014

Carbon Monoxide and other Toxins on Holiday

So will the Government Act to Protect 'Renters' from CO+

Toxins are becoming an ever increasing holiday complaint! Whether it is by land, sea or air, we are hearing from increasing numbers of UK holidaymakers affected by their exposure to toxins whilst on holiday. These same holidaymakers also tell us of how their tour operator fails to react adequately to the complaints of their exposure. One of the main problem areas concerns the issue of Carbon M... READ MORE 20 May 2014

Aerotoxic Syndrome

Contaminated Aircraft Cabin Air - comments on aerotoxic Issues

Since 2006, HolidayTravelWatch has noted the suggestion amongst the submissions to the Committee on Toxicity (COT), that symptoms of illness highlighted by crew and passengers, following their exposure to fumes on aircraft, were akin to the condition of ‘hyperventilation’!  This simplistic conclusion has continued to be perpetuated in the following year’s right up to 2012! HolidayTravelWatch h... READ MORE 28 February 2014

Aerotoxic Syndrome

So Trade Unions, what are you going to do about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality?

As you will know, we have for several years been campaigning against the scandal of toxins escaping into aircraft cabins. Our quest for a greater openness and honesty, has taken the views of HolidayTravelWatch and the experiences of holidaymakers around the world, to try and bring about the conditions whereby common sense and safety will prevail! I have met and continue to meet some remarkable... READ MORE 30 October 2013

Aerotoxic Syndrome

Brown Bag Campaign

HolidayTravelWatch has noted amongst the submissions to the Committee on Toxicity (COT), and further commentary, that it has been suggested, that symptoms following exposure to contaminated aircraft cabin air, highlighted by crew and passengers, were akin to the condition of ‘hyperventilation’ READ MORE 21 November 2012

Access to Justice for Holiday Makers

The myth of 'Compensation Culture' and holiday claims!

The other day I saw a headline that screamed - 'Poll shows 86% agree 'compensation culture' exists'!  Wow, lock up your daughters, the bogeyman is coming to get them! This survey is obviously following the present government's mantra that 'claiming is bad' and how anything that promotes an individuals rights should be shunned and treated with distaste.  I then wondered what if I am wrong and th... READ MORE 16 August 2012

Ships Safety Directive

Ships Safety - Re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic!

I was struck by a news item which tells of a major cruise company becoming quite vexed about the 'reservation' of deck-chairs onboard their cruise ships.  So concerned are they that they are carrying out a pilot process whereby if it is suspected that a chair has been 'reserved' and is not used, your personal 'reservation' items will be removed and can be collected from storage later!  The crui... READ MORE 1 August 2012

  • How can I claim?
    • Were you ill or injured on holiday in the last 3 years?
    • Do you believe you booked a Package Holiday?

    If you can answer yes to both questions, you may be able to bring a claim under the Package Travel Regulations!

    Don't worry if you cannot answer yes to both questions; if you think you booked your travel independently, you may be able to make a claim against your travel provider or supplier!

  • Other Holiday Problems;
    How can I claim?
    • Have you suffered with failures in your holiday or flight contract?
    • Does your complaint against your holiday company arise in the last 6 years (UK Only) (flights 2 years)?

    If you can answer yes to both questions, you may be able to bring a claim against your travel provider or supplier.

  • What compensation can I claim?

    Whatever type of claim you have, the level of damages you can hope to get is based on a number of factors. Firstly you have to prove your case and then an assessment is carried out to determine the level of damages.

    Read our guide on damages....

  • Why should I claim?

    You have worked hard for that precious two week holiday in the sun! Holidays are the same as any other Consumer product - if it goes wrong, you have a right to claim.

    Read more about your rights ....

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