Second Open Letter to The Turkish Ambassador in London - His Excellency Mr Mehmet Yigit Alpogan

Dear Mr Ambassador

I wrote to you on Monday 24 August 2009, expressing my respect for your Country, but also voicing a serious concern raised by many British Holidaymakers with regard The Holiday Village (formerly The Pegasus Palace & The Pegasus Tropical Hotel) in Sarigerme.  In that letter, I asked for your kind intervention, to make the Turkish Health Authorities aware and to act upon the issues raised by returning British Holidaymakers.

I am somewhat disappointed to note that we did not receive an acknowledgement to our e mail correspondence (the quickest way surely to bring this to your attention?) having sent it to your embassy e mail address -

On 27 August 2009, I again sent an e mail containing the link to our open letter to you, again to the e mail address - - unfortunately I again did not receive an acknowledgement of that e mail.

I was so concerned that this important issue was not receiving your attention, I called your Embassy on 27 August 2009 and followed the instructions to speak with the press office.  I spoke to your press office at 15.12hrs that day and they asked me to re-send the e mail and its contents to their e mail address -

In that e mail I stated - "I would be grateful if you could kindly acknowledge receipt and confirm that this matter will be forwarded to the Ambassador for his attention".

Regrettably I have not received an acknowledgement or further contact.

I am very concerned that this matter does not appear to have been forwarded to you for action, but I am even more concerned that the concerns expressed to us by returning British Holidaymakers are not receiving your attention.  I am sure you will agree, prompt action on such important issues will only benefit the present and future tourist trade to Turkey.

I will again forward this letter via e mail to your press office in the hope that it will receive the prompt attention it deserves.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Brehany

Senior Consumer Advocate

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