Code Brown - Code Brown! The Obscenity of Holiday Hotel Swimming Pool Management!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** 14/8/2014 ***

Updating this article we must refer readers to the latest claims being made around the Holiday Village resort in Sarigerme where it is claimed that pool closures may be related to some Brits deliberately defecating or 'Logging' within swimming pools. This is not a new claim and as we demonstrate in our articles below, there does not appear to be evidence to support an orchestrated campaign by UK holidaymakers engaged in this activity; read what we have to say about these claims...

'Code Brown' - 'Poo in the Pool' - 'Logging' - Coming to a Hotel near You?

Consumer Group challenges deliberate 'Logging' Claims at Holiday Hotels!


Our September 2009 article now continues below:

Just when you thought that it could not get any worse, we hear that within one hotel in Turkey, the staff have a unique way to announce faecal accidents within swimming pools!  We are told by holidaymakers that pools are closed on a daily basis, due to the fact that holidaymakers suffer an 'accident' whilst they are in the pool.  When the 'accident' is discovered, the 'entertainment crew' make an announcement over the tannoy of 'Code Brown, Code Brown' - the pool in question is then temporarily closed (there are varying reports as to how long the pool is usually closed and as to what kind of treatment of the water is provided) whilst the offending article is removed! 

Not surprisingly, we have heard of similar stories from other resorts and countries!  We have heard that some tour representatives are apparently 'claiming' that some people have 'deliberately' defacated in a swimming pool and have apparently 'posted' their proud boast within the facebook medium!    If such allegations are true, then it appears to me that if a tour operator/hotelier has knowledge of a guest deliberately defacating in a swimming pool, then the answer has to be that that person should be reported to the local police.  If it is the case that someone is proudly making such a boast on facebook (they are surely admitting to a criminal offence?), then those companies should challenge the medium for the contact details of those making the claim and again, reports should be made to the local police!  If someone is 'proudly' or 'deliberately' defacting in a swimming pool, I take the view that they are committing an assault, not just on that hotel business, but also upon their fellow holidaymakers and providing a general risk to health and a threat to the operation of a business (is there an analogy with those who deliberately infect others with the HIV virus?). 

If tour companies/hoteliers are truly confident in their claims that these are deliberate acts, then they should have the courage to involve the authorities at first instance - if they do and do so properly, with appropriate evidence & a high measure of responsibility, they would surely have the support of the holidaymaker? 

I would however be very concerned if this method was used purely to scapegoat holidaymaker(s) and used as a ruse to manage the potential for 'litigation' (in other words throwing the holidaymaker off the scent of serious underlying hygiene problems at a hotel/resort); if they were tempted by this route without justification, then I would suggest that tour representatives/hoteliers would do well to keep their mouths shut and deal with the hygiene problem at hand! 

It does not matter where these 'incidents' occur, if it were not so serious an issue, then this kind of 'management' would no doubt find itself included within the script of some 'Hi-De-Hi' sitcom romp!  Tour Operators need to take a very serious and hard look at their operations - if they condone these practices, then they are dicing with holidaymakers health! 

I just want to provide a brief word or two to the holidaymakers who judge their fellow holidaymakers on various holiday review websites!  I am assuming that you are indeed genuine holidaymakers, if you are, I am glad that you appear to have had a wonderful holiday.  I note that a number of you mention these faecal accidents and that you 'assume' that parents send their children into pools without the requisite swim nappies.  This is clearly not the case, as is evidenced by the large number of holidaymakers we have already spoken to.  The holidaymakers, young or old, who have suffered illness during the course of their holiday, have often spent several days locked in isolation within their rooms (some are taken to hospital).  When they feel well enough, they begin to try and enjoy the remainder of their holidays.  Because of the severity of some of these illnesses, many report to us that without warning, they lose control of their bodily functions - hence the faecal accident!  Now you may argue that perhaps they should not have gone into the pool in the first place - a valid point!  However, where they are told that an illness in a particular hotel is nothing more than a virus (isolating themselves for a period as recommended by the tour representative or Doctor), it is perhaps understandable that that holidaymaker will trust those 'sage' advices and get on with trying to enjoy their holiday when they feel a little better!  So if you are tempted to 'review' a holiday (assuming that you are indeed a genuine holidaymaker), stand back and try to understand what those holidaymakers have probably gone through and count your lucky stars that you have not suffered the same indignity!

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