The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring in the Heavies X!

This week-end we received a call from two holidaymaker's, detailing their holiday complaints.  Both are pensioners and they advise that they had decided to take a 2 week Christmas and New Year holiday break in Majorca.  When they arrived and to their dismay, they discovered that the hotel was in their words - 'the holiday from hell'!  They are clearly seasoned travellers and decided to exercise their obligations in contract and under the Package Travel Regulations and make their complaints known.  What do you suppose was the reaction from the hotelier?  Well he threatened this couple with the police if they did not leave, in addition, he clearly refused to acknowledge their complaints and any prospect of a refund.  This couple endured their hotel hell for a full six days and decided to return to the UK - at their own expense - to try and gain justice for the failings in their contract.

Since they have arrived back in the UK, they have addressed their complaints with the tour operators head office and been advised that the hotelier denies any wrongdoing.

Finding themselves trapped in a 'litigation' cul-de-sac, and being over £2000 short of pocket, they tried to advise other holidaymakers of their plight via a review on Trip Advisor; in addition, they have also advised the tour operator/hotelier that they will report the matter to the BBC Watchdog television programme.

What do you think has been the reaction?  This brave company/hotelier have:

  1. Threatened the pensioners with Lawyers, and
  2. Accused them of extortion.

This couple have advised that right now they are very frightened indeed!  What a state to get customers into - what kind or morality exists in these companies that appears to think that this kind of loutish behaviour is acceptable against pensioners, or for that matter, against any Consumer?

I say shame on a Travel Industry that would permit such behaviour and fail to aid their customers!

I also say shame on the Majorcan hotelier for the cavalier manner in which he has treated this couple; a great advert for intending holidaymakers to Majorca wouldn't you say?

I regret to say once again that the actions against these holidaymakers are tantamount to corporate bullying, a subject we have long reported on as the number of this article suggests!

It would seem that the one area that has triggered this 'corporate' behaviour is the fact that these holidaymakers placed a review on Trip Advisor.  The reaction and subsequent insidious behaviour, confirms what we have been saying about the world of travel reviews and the threats against Consumers for some time.  In this case, we will be aiding the holidaymaker's to resolution of their claims and we shall also guide these same Consumers toward Codes of Conduct, from whichever profession those who are threatening this couple emanate from!

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