Is there a mini-crime wave in Majorca?

This past week we have received calls from Consumers, or from relatives, highlighting how they or their loved ones have been subject to serious crimes.  It appears that in various hotels on the island, holidaymakers have 'lost' all of their money, credit cards and other valuable documentation.  The modus operandi suggests that there are those working in these establishments, who may have access to duplicate keys and are therefore able enter guest rooms at will!  In one case, a young holidaymaker and his pals suffered a burglary when their room was entered and their belongings were taken - there was no sign of a forced entry!  In another case, a young family found that the safe they had paid for was 'removed' from the room and again, there was no sign of a forced entry.  The response from hoteliers has been mixed, with one suggesting that the holidaymaker should not worry, the hotel was covered by insurance only to later discover they could only claim 50% of their losses!  The effect on holidaymakers is not only devastating but very frightening!

It raises the very important question; just what are the Majorcan Police doing to protect holidaymakers?

In all cases reported to us, it would appear that reports were made to the police, however, each holidaymaker is mystified as to whether any investigation was or has been carried out!

As a retired police officer, I would expect that the Majorcan Police will have at the very least, a 'collator', who will be able to monitor the trends of crimes reported to them.  If that is the case, what action are they taking then to protect holidaymakers?

Even if the Majorcan Police have no collating systems, what steps are being taken by tour operators or for that matter, the local Foreign Office Consular Official in Majorca, to bring these crimes reported to them, to the attention to the Majorcan Police?

In these hard pressed times, surely the resort or destination declared the 'winner' in tourist numbers, will be the one who can demonstrate action to protect the tourist?  If what we are hearing at this end is anything to go by, it appears that the various bodies and police authorities are so laid back on this issue, they are almost horizontal!  Time for action methinks!

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