Is there a mini crime-wave in Majorca? II

It is bad enough when we have to report failings in a holiday contract or list the range of holiday complaints or illnesses for a particular hotel or resort, but to hear of the same things happening time and time again is frankly negligent!  Regular readers will have noted the complaints we have reported from Majorca and Ibiza; expressing the concern as to whether there was a mini-crime wave taking place on those islands.  We called for the local Police, the British Consular Officials and the Tour Operators to take action or demonstrate what steps they were taking to ensure the safety of holidaymakers.  To date, nothing, nada, rien, absolutely no comment or acknowledgment of the problems we are highlighting!

Take this latest case from Majorca; Mr X thought he had purchased a family oriented hotel for him and his family, imagine his horror when he arrived and discovered that the hotel was populated by holidaymakers in the 18 to 30 age bracket!  He discovered the following:

  1. Very few families;
  2. Condoms, cans and bottles in the swimming pool;
  3. Young people running around at all hours shouting and screaming;
  4. People hopping from one balcony to another;
  5. People running around the complex naked in front of young families;
  6. Young people having open sex in the children's pool area;
  7. Mr X's room was broken into and he had cash, house keys, camera and an ipod stolen;
  8. There were 13 break-ins that night at this particular hotel;
  9. The tour company representative did not provide any assistance to Mr X or his family

I am left wondering just how many more complaints will we receive from this island and indeed, how many Travel Insurance companies will have to pay up?  It strikes me that it will take a serious crime before action is taken; then we will witness the great roll-out of the 'crisis-management' team(s) who will then congratulate themselves for a job well done - what about some action now?

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