Hotel Great Parnassus, Cancun, Mexico

August 2015

Consumers returning to the UK have advised us of their complaints against this hotel. They allege that their complaints include, witnessing holidaymakers being ill, excrement on the floors and toilets in the Public toilet areas, power cuts, the swimming pools being evacuated and samples apparently being taken, food not being cooked completely, flies in/around food, salad bar not chilled, holidaymakers discovering that there had been previous problems of reported illness prior to arrival and that holidaymakers suffered with sickness which has apparently continued following their return to the UK. Any holidaymaker having suffered with a similar experience should contact our helpline, the details of which are on this page.

Current Status

We have received a large number of complaints from holidaymakers both following their stay at the hotel and shortly to depart. Some holidaymakers have been moved and we understand that whilst they have been charged for the move, some have received a refund of that charge. We have also been advised that apparently stool samples have been organised in resort but we have not heard if a definitive diagnosis has been delivered. We would strongly urge those who have provided a stool sample to obtain a hard copy of that result and in any event to organise another stool sample when they return to the UK. We understand that some holidaymakers are seeking to self-resolve and we would simply advise that if you have been ill, DO NOT accept any financial compensation until you have received guidance on this. It should also be noted that we are assisting holidaymakers to form into a group action to take their complaints forward.

Other information concerning this Alert

Hot Issues 

We note the negative reviews placed by holidaymakers for this hotel within Trip Advisor, some of which reflect the complaints we have received. We also note the responses made by management to some of the complaints, particularly on health & safety complaints.

Press Releases 

We have issued a press release calling on all holidaymakers affected by these issues to action. Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states within the release that:

"If you have been affected by these issues, then call our helpline for assistance; regrettably it will be the only way your complaints will be taken seriously!"

Past Alerts for Hotel The Great Parnassus

There are no past alerts for this hotel recorded by HolidayTravelWatch

If you have a holiday complaint to make, and would like to receive assistance to deal with your travel problems, please contact HolidayTravelWatch as soon as possible.

Please also read the Call to Arms disclaimer and travel advices.

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