Welcome to the Hotel Cryptosporidium?

With sincere apologies and acknowledgement to the Eagles famous song, 'Welcome to the Hotel California', we have been hearing from holidaymakers who have been describing their recent holiday experience in the Canaries as 'This could be Heaven or this could be Hell'!

As the title of this article suggests, these holidaymakers are alleging that they have been exposed to the parasite that causes Cryptosporidium.

The infection from this parasite is mainly acquired from swimming pools and as I write this piece, there are many holidaymakers all around Europe who are actively using the complex facilities of giant holiday resorts; some are completely unaware of the potential risk that lurks beneath!

These holidaymakers advise that whilst staying in this hotel they had discovered that:

  1. The hotel had sick holidaymakers in visits prior to theirs;
  2. There were no warnings given to them before departure about any sickness problem;
  3. Several days after they arrived, their families had started to suffer with extreme sickness;
  4. Holidaymakers began to piece together the evidence that their illnesses had come from the pool;
  5. They discovered that previous holidaymakers had been diagnosed with Cryptosporidium;
  6. When they challenged the travel company and reps, they were met with silence;
  7. Eventually, 'health & safety' experts arrived and took samples of the pool;
  8. The results delivered apparently revealed that there was no Cryptosporidium in the pools.

So the picture is confusing and some holidaymakers are still using the pools but advising their children not to put their heads under the water or take water in their mouths! In the meantime, there is a sizeable group of holidaymakers for whom there is no doubt that the Travel Company and the Hotelier have failed them!

What is interesting about our discussions with holidaymakers was the fact that there was little explanation offered by the tour company surrounding their tests of the pools.

We wondered:

  1. What type of tests had been carried out on the pools?
  2. How many strains of Cryptosporidium were tested for?
  3. What types of filters exist in the pools - are they suitable to capture the parasite?
  4. What consideration has been given to Chlorine Resistant Cryptosporidium?
  5. When they have 'chlorinated' the pools, did they actually 'hyperchlorinate' the pools?
  6. What actions did they take when 'backwashing'?

These are simple yet fundamental questions which I would urge any holidaymaker caught up in a similar situation to ask their rep!

If you find that you are being stone-walled, then rather being in that 'heaven' you could find yourself like other holidaymakers, in that 'hell'! Don't suffer in silence, give us a call, because we can guide you!

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