Time to sort out the All-Inclusive Holiday?

This past few weeks has demonstrated that despite guiding Consumers for 20 years, the Travel Industry just does not seem to be consistent in delivering a good quality, safe and enjoyable all-inclusive holiday.

The complaints received each and every day reveal a catalogue of poor standards which I would wager a small bet that no Holiday Company Executive would introduce his or her family to such conditions, and best of all, pay for the privilege!

2 cases spring to mind as being typical; the first relates to The Great Parnassus in the resort of Cancun in Mexico. I have already done a press release calling on Consumers to take action, but for the sake of this discussion, I think it would be a good idea to list some of the complaints we have received. Holidaymakers told us that they experienced:

  1. [Witness to] other holidaymakers being ill;
  2. Excrement on the floor and furniture of the Public Toilets;
  3. Some power cuts;
  4. Dirty crockery and cutlery;
  5. Flies in/around the food,
  6. Food not served at the correct temperature;
  7. Some food served undercooked;
  8. Food uncovered;
  9. The swimming pool apparently evacuated and samples taken from the pool;
  10. Holidaymakers [themselves] suffering with sickness during their stay.

Consider now another set of complaints we have received, this time from a hotel in Spain. Holidaymakers have told us that they have experienced:

  1. Cockroaches in the restaurant;
  2. The Toddler pool was dirty and full of algae;
  3. Waste bins in the public areas were always full and not emptied;
  4. The swimming pool area was dirty and full of flies;
  5. The main swimming pool turned green and was closed for 2 days whilst they emptied it and refilled it;
  6. Holidaymakers spent time in their rooms because of sickness and were charged - despite being on an all-inclusive holiday - for food in their rooms;
  7. One holidaymaker suffered injury from a rusty nail sticking out of a public area chair;
  8. Parents reported that the kids club was overworked and that there was no sign in/out process used for security.

Is it me, or can you see a pattern here?

Is the excuse that money is tight for these companies and so sometimes standards drop - if that is the case, is that a valid reason?

The All-Inclusive Holiday Product is going to be around for some time to come, so, if the product is going to deliver, 2 things are going to have to happen if Standards are to improve:

  1. Travel Companies will have to up their game and deliver a good product, or
  2. Consumers are going to have to take action, because that is the only sure way that Standards will improve if the Industry does not take action!

How do I know this? 20 years of guiding holidaymakers and seeing how resolute action by Consumers can and does change company attitudes!


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