Sickness at the Bodrum

We’ve been sent a message from a holidaymaker staying at the Bodrum Holiday Resort & Spa in Turkey this week (13th August 2016), saying that there is a serious case of illness at the hotel.

He’s said:

“So many people are being violently sick, it's crazy. I've spoken to about 10 families and every one of them have had at least one person ill in the last week…

“My step son lost two days of his holiday and I'm now in bed today having been sick about 40-50 time last night, along with diarrhoea.”

So far the guests are reporting that any time they visit the doctor in the hotel, they’re being referred to the local hospital where there is a charge to pay. If you have comprehensive travel insurance then you should be covered but of course you’ll need to pay the excess.

The guest also says that they found out the hotel had similar problems two years ago.

If you’re travelling to the hotel soon, be aware of this illness and make sure you have insurance that covers your medical costs in Turkey if you still intend to travel!

If you’ve experienced problems with sickness at this hotel (or indeed any hotel) email or call us and we can help you. 

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