So how was the 'risk destination' for you then? Jolly good for this time of year!

As many readers will know, we have spent these past few months dealing with holidaymakers affected by the events in Tunisia, Egypt & Bahrain!  In fact we are still dealing with many holidaymakers who simply do not want to visit any of these countries at this time.  In the circumstances, I cannot blame them and I am sure, no matter how hard pressed people are in these countries, they will understand the need for stability before the tourists return.  Given the many calls we are receiving, it is a pity that tour companies do not recognise that simple fact and concentrate on less energetic destinations.  We are often told that the travel industry is now dynamic - so why don't they prove it?  I have written extensively since the beginning of the year about travel to such destinations, in one of the first articles I highlighted the complaints and various government advices; in a later article, I highlighted the range of Consumer advices and options on how to deal with travel to a 'risk destination'.

Imagine then my disbelief that some ordinary Britons would it seems, place themselves and perhaps their families in harms way in a 'risk destination'.  Reported in TravelMole today, is a survey carried out by  It appears that in that survey, some 12% of Britons would still fly to a 'risk destination' if they couldn't get a refund - presumably to play 'dodge the bullet' instead of beach volleyball!  Holidaymakers must think very carefully before they expose themselves to such a danger because if they do, their travel insurance will not cover them and it is likely that they would receive minimal assistance for the 'tour operator' or the local consular office! They should remember that they have rights under the Package Travel Regulations, Frustration of Contract Rights and so on - they are very often not limited to the rights 'granted' to them in a contract!

This is a serious issue and I suspect in a more sane moment, outside the 'thrill' of taking part in such a survey, common sense would I hope, kick in!  It appears that outside the sensation of the headline, some 58% said that they would not travel to a 'risk destination' - the sensible silent majority!

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