Is there a mini-crime wave in Ibiza?

In amongst the crop of holiday complaints we have received, is a growing number of holidaymakers writing to us expressing their concern that they will become victims of crime in their hotels or resorts!  Last week I asked the question, "Is there a mini-crime wave in Majorca?", detailing the frightening experience of holidaymakers and their holiday from hell experiences!  We are now getting reports from other locations that rooms are being systematically burgled or room safe's are being either taken or broken into.  It is clear that many holidaymakers are reporting their experiences via travel review websites, leading to intending holidaymakers becoming concerned as to their own personal safety.  Whilst we would always advise holidaymakers to make sure that they take care of their possessions and ensure that they have adequate travel insurance, frankly these advices are somewhat redundant in the face of criminal activity!

Consider this would-be holidaymaker and her concerns on her forthcoming trip to Ibiza:

"[Note: we have removed the name of the hotel and personal details]...A number of people have complained about this hotel and how their safe, which they paid for, was robbed, along with clothes and other personal items. Not only has one person said this about the hotel a number of people have said the same thing about it. And how the staff members at the hotel just laugh at them and are NO help what so ever. I read that in one cased the hotels fire alarms have been set off a few times in one day and items from rooms have gone missing. Surely someone somewhere should be investigating this hotel through the seriousness of the complaints being made? This is an outrage I have paid a decent amount of money to stay at this hotel and [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] are doing nothing what so ever to help us out in this situation. They say it’s a bit late to change our hotel for us, but I have requested a hotel swop 2 weeks prior to a holiday.......I’m going to see someone face to face to see whether this can be resolved in our favour as we have paid a lot of money to these people and we feel that we should be listen to and helped out"

Not unreasonable concerns we think!  So asked I said last week, I repeat;

  1. Just what is the Spanish Police in Majorca and Ibiza doing to combat this criminal activity?
  2. What are tour operators doing to protect holidaymakers - what assistance/reports are they giving to the Spanish Police and the FCO?
  3. What exactly is the FCO/Consular Officials doing with the information they are receiving; are they working with the Spanish Police/Tour Operators?

It is all very well offering sun, sea, sand and reduced holiday costs to Consumers, but if they are not safe, just how is that going to promote a sustainable holiday product?

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