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Certain destinations are prone to either man-made or natural disasters. Since 2005, we have advocated that, as such, there should be strict codes and practices when selling holidays to these areas. Our principal issues concern the information supplied to a customer about a given destination, the availability and operation of the travel insurance product and, where terrorism strikes, the lack of assistance/compensation that is available to the holidaymaker. The articles below have been written to provoke the debate on ‘risk destinations’ and, in particular, to raise the bar on the information and protection that should be offered to holidaymakers. It is an issue that cannot be ignored any longer.

If you have been affected by any foreign office advisories, political riots or other civil disorder, weather events, illness, accidents or assaults or have any issues with your hotel or resort, please contact us for free advice.

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Holiday 'Risk' Destinations - What should you know and what should you do?

As destinations become more diverse and accessible, so too does the potential ‘risks’ that face UK holidaymakers! Many holidaymakers are attracted, understandably by the gloss of the holiday brochure and the promise of sun-kissed days away from the drudge of ordinary life! Travel Companies are always crying that holidaymakers need to take responsibility for their own safety! As we have seen dur... READ MORE 15 May 2015

Is there a mini-crime wave in Ibiza?

In amongst the crop of holiday complaints we have received, is a growing number of holidaymakers writing to us expressing their concern that they will become victims of crime in their hotels or resorts!  Last week I asked the question, "Is there a mini-crime wave in Majorca?", detailing the frightening experience of holidaymakers and their holiday from hell experiences!  We are now getting repo... READ MORE 26 July 2011

Is Mexico becoming the next Holiday Complaints 'Risk Destination'?

As regular followers of HolidayTravelWatch will note, we have for sometime commented on the holiday complaints that arise from what we define as 'Risk Destinations'. Such destinations as defined by us, are areas affected by natural or man-made disasters which are potentially unsafe, threatens the viability of a holiday contract and also possibly negates any travel insurance (subject to any vie... READ MORE 15 July 2011

So how was the 'risk destination' for you then? Jolly good for this time of year!

As many readers will know, we have spent these past few months dealing with holidaymakers affected by the events in Tunisia, Egypt & Bahrain!  In fact we are still dealing with many holidaymakers who simply do not want to visit any of these countries at this time.  In the circumstances, I cannot blame them and I am sure, no matter how hard pressed people are in these countries, they will un... READ MORE 19 May 2011

Shameful Treatment of UK Holidaymakers to 'Risk Destinations'!

Since early January, we have been inundated with calls from UK holidaymakers affected by the Civil Strife in Tunisia & Egypt.  Many are in complete despair over the manner in which they have been treated by Travel Companies; many also express with dismay, their complete frustration with the travel advices provided by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office – particularly when they see othe... READ MORE 18 February 2011

A Consumer Guide to Travel Rights to a 'Risk Destination' - Example: Tunisia or Egypt

We have been contacted by a large number of holidaymakers, confused and angry by what they see as being forced into a potentially dangerous or ‘risk destination’.  Many seek to understand what their rights are where a change in the political fortunes or direction of a country, raises a risk to the operation of the holiday contract or to personal safety.  The same scenario would arise for exampl... READ MORE 18 February 2011

Questions of Security & Risk for British Holidaymakers to Egypt!

Since the Tunisian revolution, we have received many complaints from British Holidaymakers.  This flow of holiday complaints and how tour operators are responding to the Egyptian crisis, reveals a story of denial of facts and a lack of understanding of the fears of intending UK holidaymakers.  We have already commented on whether or not holidaymakers are being used as foot soldiers in Foreign P... READ MORE 6 February 2011

Are British Holidaymakers the New Foot Soldiers in Foreign Policy?

We are continuing to receive a very high number of calls from concerned holidaymakers about to travel to Egypt or Tunisia; I can assure everyone that we are working as quickly as possible to get to you and to hopefully guide you on these holiday complaints!  Visitors to our website will have noted our press release's offering guidance to UK holidaymakers, about their pre-departure travel rights... READ MORE 5 February 2011

Letter of Observation to Lord Brennan - Victims of Overseas Terrorism Bill

HolidayTravelWatch has provided comment and observation, to The (Rt Hon. The) Lord Brennan QC, ahead of his presentation of a Bill before the House of Lords, designed to compensate victims of terror attacks overseas. The Victims of Overseas Terrorism Bill is designed to create a better response from the FCO, for the Government to facilitate wider insurance cover for holidaymakers (it suggests... READ MORE 23 May 2010

What Tourists to Kenya Should Know!

I have come across an excellent journalistic piece from Jonathan Rugman from Channel 4, highlighting the problems with Child Sex Tourism in Kenya.  If you are intending to visit Kenya I would urge you to watch it!  If you follow this link, you should be able to view it.  What was interesting however, was the Minister for Tourism's comments on this very important news report, he apparently state... READ MORE 6 October 2009

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