Poo in the Pool! - The most serious of all Holiday Complaints!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** 14/8/2014

Yesterday's article in the British Press suggested that some UK Holidaymakers are engaged in the act of deliberately defecating in hotel swimming pools and this may lead to holidaymakers illnesses. This so-called 'new craze' is called 'Logging'. We have investigated this issue over many years and again our research shows that there is no obvious or concerted action by UK holidaymakers to engage in this activity. We have responded to these claims and you can read our articles below...

Consumer Group Challenges 'Logging' Claims at Holiday Hotels!

'Code Brown' - Poo in the Pool' - 'Logging' - Coming to a Hotel near you?


Please read our August 2012 article below:

As I help out with the calls we are getting from holidaymakers, it is clear that many are returning from this 2012 holiday season, poorer in pocket and not happy that they now have to consider making a claim for failures in their holiday.  The worst position for Travel Consumers has to be those who have suffered with an accident or illness.  This summer holiday period has seen many calls to our helpline from those affected by upset stomachs, serious gastric illness, Giardia, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Rotavirus to name a few!  When you get into the story of what happened at the hotel you begin to hear the usual tales of poor hygiene, both in the restaurant and the pool, and a lack of any sense of urgency either from the hotelier or tour operator to put things right.  Right now I am very concerned with the standard and conditions found in a number of hotel swimming pools.  We are hearing directly from holidaymakers of how the pools are 'infested' with faecal accidents.  In all cases where we hear that there are problems with the pool, and no diagnosed condition, we are urging all holidaymakers to seek an urgent stool sample test.  Why are we doing that?  Quite simply we are concerned that many holidaymakers are walking around suffering with Cryptosporidium!

This illness can seriously affect the health of young children and those with weakened immune systems.  When this illness gets a grip of a hotel, there is only one way to deal with the problem and that is to close the pool, empty it and put it under a deep cleanse regime.  There are those reading this that will scoff and say that it depends on the strain and some Cryptosporidium strains can be treated with chemicals.  Well if that were the case, why then do holidaymakers continue to suffer with illness and infection when the said pool is treated with the chemicals?

All too often, and this is no criticism of holidaymakers, we hear how dirty holidaymakers are because they have defecated in the pool.  Quite simply, if you have a rampant Cryptosporidium infection at a hotel, no amount of self control will will stop a man, woman or child from passing watery stools!

I thought I should also look more widely to see if this is a widespread complaint.  I visited various travel review websites and was quite surprised to read that faecal matter in swimming pools is a common complaint this summer.  Here are typical comments we found in one travel review website from several holidaymakers (again I would stress these holidaymakers should not be criticised; they do not understand the implications of regular pool closures and faecal matter being found in the pool):

"the main pool was closed on a daily basis as people were using it as a toilet and thought it was good to poo in there and leave it on the side of the pool!"

"the pool was closed four times because of someone pooing in the pool...I don't know why they didn't clean the pool due to all the tummy upsets there"

"the main pool was shut more often due to kids pooing in the pool!! WHY? Is it only [NAME OF HOTEL CHAIN] that offer you the extras of vomit & poo in the pools"

These holidaymakers can be forgiven for their misunderstanding or endurance on health issues; what cannot be forgiven is the way in which holidays are subjected to production line delivery with a total disregard for Consumer health!

I will be making further comment on this issue in the next few days, but in the meantime, if you have been affected by such conditions or illness, then you should give us a call without delay!


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