UK airline passengers suffer with fatigue and delirium after flight

“8 hrs into the flight my daughter [NAME] age 6 violently vomitted, i started feeling light headed and my husband headaches. when we arrived in orlando we lost our dvla and had to purchase transfers, we booked our holiday last year and purchased 1st class seats for all villa rental for 10 nights and car hire, [NAME OF TOUR COMPANY] let us cancel the car hire as we never redeemed the voucher.also we purchased seperatley theme park tickets and a 4 night disney cruise. the whole holiday cost us around 10.000 pounds. within 48 hrs myself, husband and youngest [NAME] 6, started presenting severe flu like symptoms, fatigue, delerium, shakes and head pain, severe respiratory symptoms also presented in myself and daughter my other two daughters had mild symptoms of headavhes ect. we saw a doctor and she asked to see me again the next day then admitted me to hospital as an emergancy, all four walls of my lungs were filled with fluid and the hospital gave me steroid breathing treatments. none of us had prior conditions and were fine untill the plane journey. we still went on the cruise as we did not want to disapoint our kids and thought we could rest as the kids clubs are excellent. my daughter [NAME] had to seek emergancy medical treatmant within hours as her respiratory also worsened, accute respiratory illness. we could not go on our pre booked excursions or anything. we arrived back at sanford airport on the 15th feb 07 …….. as we were put back together with passengers that had flown out on [FLIGHT NUMBER] we started to realise very quickly we were not the only passengers that were ill with the same symptoms and time frames. in fact mass amounts……….the outbound flight we travelled on was very hot 2 hrs longer than usual no one in my family gets travel sick and an aviation worker from another airline travelling on that flight said the air con was not working properly. …….obviously i started lodging complaints asap with [NAME OF AIRLINE] and [NAME OF TOUR COMPANY] and hpa and enviromental health……….i then recieved aletter from [NAME OF AIRLINE] saying that due to tech difficulties the aircraft suffered an AIR VALVE BLEED, and it was extraordinary circumstances and there difinitive response that no p.i was being paid or cancellation costs. i then phoned [NAME] cust rel manager, asked her for the reg no of the aircraft outbound [NUMBER], cancelled inbound also [NUMBER]. i later phones again and spoke to [NAME] who also confirmed these reg nos. within 48 hrs i recieved another letter from [NAME OF AIRLINE] saying actually the aircraft reg was different and also the mechanical fault was different and our [NUMBER] actually flew to tobago for late operational change but still will not pay comp for cancellation or pi? the story went to press and [NAME] of [NAME OF TOUR COMPANY] still refuted any other passengers notifying them of any illness while i have original letters (copies) to disprove this, and so did [NAME] denie any one else writing in as did [NAME] [NAME OF AIRLINE]. they are claerly lying about many different aspects of this case and i have written evidence of this, and now the airline wish to meet with me at there offices and want to see my correspondence? also i recieved another letter just this morning saying we were not going to get any more comp! i have the chqs here but have not cashed them”

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