UK airline passenger trembling following flight

“when she got onto the [NAME OF AIRLINE] flight (make of aircraft unknown), there was a problem with the flight video system and one of the air crew (female) was getting quite agigtated. No smells on the way to the runway, no aware of any aircraft in front. They took off. Within 30 seconds of take-off there was a strong smell of burning and a smell of fuel. They were seated in the Premium section of the cabin (6E/F). The woman in 5C turned to her and acknowledged that she was experiencing the same smell. The client became dizzy and nauseous. She rang the bell, no one came. Her Partner was trying to calm her down. She thinks she may have lapsed into unconscious state. The airholes above them were blocked, the cabin air was coming from the side. Her Partner also smelt the fumes. She became aware that her heart was beating rapidly, she was very frightened. She does not have a heart problem, has a slightly elevated BP problem but does not require medication. When the seatbelt sign went off, [NAME] came to her. He described what she and others smelled as ‘perfectly normal’ He stated ‘When we take off, the engine exhaust fumes get into the cabin’. She responded by stating that she considered that there was nothing normal about smelling fumes. She describes herself as becoming shaky and uncomfortable. She is a regular flier and this was the first such experience of fumes effect. After about 15 minutes she requested a blanket, there was none, so she place her jacket around her shoulders [PERSONAL INFORMATION] Her Partner suffered no effects. When she went to the toilet she found that it had been blocked up and reported it to the cabin crew – she considered that she was ‘not there’, she was surprised that she did not notice the blocakage when she first went into the toilet. She reported visual disturbances through the flight and tried to calm herself down through yoga breathing exercises. She reported seeing liquid gold/blue/white before her eyes. There was a similar smell on descent. By the time she had landed, she was trembling. They were the last to get off the aircraft. The crew said nothing, they saw one of the pilots at the front of the aircraft and she went to complain to him. She told him what happened, he appeared to be nonplussed and stated that this was normal for this type of aircraft. Whilst she was standing with him, they were all sprayed with something and had to move out of the way. They went into the terminal, by this time she was shaking and her face was bright red. She felt lousy and had face and chest pains. When they went to resort, they complained to the rep on the Wednesday and she completed a CCF [CUSTOMER COMPLAINT FORM]. The rep became very guarded. She e mailed [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] but never got a satisfactory response and no answer to her questions. She suffered with chest pains all week and swelling to her legs and body, by the Wednesday she had cold/flu symptoms. She had a forced cough and felt like retching and burping. She stayed on raw food for the week and her Partner (60th Birthday) had to look after her for the week. On the return flight, she spoke with others from the outward flight who all acknowledged the smell, one woman’s husband suffered with headaches. She has details. On the return flight they experienced an acrid smell”

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