Airline passenger suffers with asthma attacks following flights

“I have suffered two bouts of severe asthma in my life both after travelling by air. The first time I had to be on respirator for 3 days, the next time was more serious still, and I ended up on respirator for 11 days, and recovering in hospital for one month. These two bouts were 10 years apart – I have never had asthma symptoms at all, never taken inhalers or anything like that and I was 50 years old with the first incident. No incidents in the 10 years in between, several air flights, UK, europe and international. with no problems, and then a short flight to France, and it all happened again. I have always thought there was some link, although doctors have just put it down to a severe chest infection both times.I would be interested to know of any other people reporting similar problems associated with toxic air”

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