Smells and Fumes on-board aircraft resulting in sickness on a flight from Las Vegas to Manchester

“I believe that I and members of my family have been a victim of such contamination. We have just returned from Las Vegas flying with [NAME OF AIRLINE] flight number [NUMBER] on a direct flight to Manchester. This was on the 14th/15th February 2008. During the flight I became aware of a strange smell within the plane which came and went but was consistent throughout the flight. People sat near to me also noted the smell and we made the cabin staff aware of the smell and our concerns. My daughter and her husband were sat some 9 rows or so behind us and almost to the rear of the aircraft, they too noticed the smell. The cabin staff said that they would check but said that they could not smell anything unusual. It made for an unpleasat flight and towards the end of the flight I developed a cough and generally feeling lethargic. On return home I felt somewhat unwell and went to bed (thinking it was maybe jet lag or general fatigue) however the following day I felt no better and my wife was also feeling unwell. On the evening of Saturday 16th February I was quite nauseous and was complaining of chest pains, and flu like symptoms, my wife also went down with the same symptoms. It is now Tuesday 19th February and both me and my wife are still feeling unwell. My wife has been confined to bed for the last 2 days. On ringing my daughter I find that she too is feeling ill with the same symptoms as both me and my wife. A conincidence, may be? but I feel that the smell from that aircraft has something to do with our condition, especially since reading the article on your web site. As I said previously there were a lot of other people who made them selves known to the flight staff and I would be very interested to know if they too have same symptoms”

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